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Eating Kids Causes Obesity


First, kids lately are FILLED with saturated fats and high fructose corn syrup....


Also, I believe in alarm clocks personally. This could have all been avoided with a morning wake up call from a friend.


I saw this story on CNN. Here's to evolution weeding these people out.

This guy is going to have a pretty rough go in prison I bet (hope).


So....what crime did he commit, again?


He had volumes of child porno....


According to that article...nothing but talk about it...and have child porn in his house...and a dungeon...with chains...and I am sure a great array of dinnerware.



Yep, that'll do it.


They found a refrigerator of meat in his dungeon. Turns out it was beef.

However, imagine being the detective that found it prior to it being tested.


I'm thinking he was deep into role playing on World of Warcraft and things just got drastically out of hand...?


What a fucking pervert. Knowing Mass he'll be out on the street living next to a school in a year or less.


no...he probably won't. Thank liberals for that. He'll request protection and they'll segregate him from the rest of them.


Liberals created solitary confinement?


So, if I have knives in my kitchen, furry handcuffs in my nightstand, and a wooden chest I keep blankets in...


Yes. Thomas Eddy, the governor of New York in the 1790s, was a liberal Quaker and social reformer who was one of the first advocates for solitary confinement in the United States as an alternative to hanging.


Dude, you deserve my congrats and an exclusive "fuck you for that" thrown in for free. Enjoy!


Then you'd better hope they don't find your stash of kiddy porn, and keep those child cannibalism remarks to yourself on online forums.


It woulda been interesting if he actually followed through with it on a couple of kids. Coulda been the new boogy man.


It's been done.

EDIT: Wait, never mind. I was thinking of Jeffrey Dahmer. But Gacy definitely had more bogeyman potential.


I think he has the look down already. Could be your new Halloween costume.


Shit. I replied to this thread involving both kiddy porn and child cannibalism. That already makes me guilty.