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Eating is Now Important for Abs


"New research shows that what you are eating may be just as important as your workout," says Katherine Tallmadge, author of "Diet Simple"

full article here: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/06/08/fab.abs.tips/index.html


well i'm gonna put down this chocolate cake, after this next bite.


I love how this is just now coming out from "new research."
How has this not been obvious for years? If you do a million crunches but you're fat, of course you won't see abs!


"Just ask Josh Thomas. A self-proclaimed "gym rat," Thomas does more than 100 crunches a day, but when it comes to the look of his midsection, he says he's a little disappointed. "I still don't have the definition I've been working for," he groans. "And I've been working on those muscles for over six months."

He has gotta be a posted on this site.....pretty sure a few of these threads are running right now.

I have alot of time for believing this though, as i like food.


Shits bricks


It's really pretty fucking pathetic and astounding isn't it? Where did these people come from that this is just now news?


Hey, CNN, 1990 called, they want their news back


Hey, Sharp, my little sister said she wants her shirt back


I'm just amazed there isn't ONE person that goes, "Hey wait...that's not news...it's common fucking sense."


"Tallmadge recommends adding strength training and cardio workouts to those sit-ups. Strength training builds up the core muscles, and cardio burns fat. In fact, a recent study conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, showed cardiovascular exercise is especially effective in reducing midsection weight gain."

holy shit for real? this is some top secret shit don't tell anyone guys...


June 8th, time to start working on those fayub ayubs for summer...



Even Better!


I have seen this very same respone by someone who does 1000 crunches and still no definition.


Hey, fuck you, I just put on 35lbs and have yet to buy new clothes.
All my shirts used to be loose one me.


America, I guess.
It reminds me of that hotel commercial where they're airbrushing abs onto a fat guy.
It just ain't gonna happen.


It's because the majority of our race are retards.


WOW 100 crunches per day....that guy IS a gym-rat! How does he recover so fast? I think he's a roid-head!


Awesome. Now I know!


Anyone who's seen The Hangover can read that and laugh at the pronunciation of "retards"

/thread jack


Yeah, and women shouldn't do squats because it will make their ass fat.


I don't do ab work and have abs...figure that one out Katherine Tallmadge and Josh "100 sit-ups a day" Thomas! Muhahahaha