Eating In Russia

I just got accepted to study in Russia for two months this summer. I’ll be training while I’m there, so I was curious to know if anyone had an opinion of which Russian foods are better that others (I’m living with a host family who are only going to cook Russian food, but they do want to know if you like anything in particular). Thanks for the input

In Soviet Russia, food eats you.

…part of me knew I’d get that answer somewhere

Heres a few thoughts:

It all depends on how wealthy this family is?

Generally your diet will be a very high protein one. They love their meats, many different kielbasa varieties are available like you’ve never seen. They love their potatoes and eggs also, and just about everything else we eat here. And soups are often served before the main course. The borsch is delicious if you like beets. (Although the borsch is not Russian but Ukranian–still its a favorite). Very little emphasis on eating salads, even though lots of fresh produce is available, so you will probably have to get that yourself…in fact be sure to eat those vegetables free of nasty chemicals. Those tomatoes are to die for.

Another thought; don’t buy food from street vendors as enticing as that may be, and as good as it may smell. Russia recently issued a warning to tell people to Only buy vodka from big stores, there are a lot of fakes out there.

BTW Where are you staying? Moscow or St Petersburgh i hope. If not, then you may have bigger problems to worry about than food.

[quote]Freaky Styley wrote:
In Soviet Russia, food eats you.[/quote]

Damn you beat me to it!

I’ll be in St. Petersburg. My professor here at school already had a loooong conversation with the class about street vendors. Thanks for the input though. I’m looking forward to the trip, and i mean this is the food that gave us Fedor Emelianenko, so it has to be good haha

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Freaky Styley wrote:
In Soviet Russia, food eats you.

Damn you beat me to it![/quote]

Damn both of you!

Back in 92-93 I lived in St. Petersburg for a year and a half. I thought the food was pretty good. Back then the bread shops didn’t use any high fructose corn syrup. Don’t know about now. Most of the food you got was natural, not processed, unless you went to a foreign (German) place. St. Pete is a great place. I hope you have fun and stay safe.