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Eating In An Order?

I was curious to know if it matters what order you eat your meal in? ex.  you have an apple, chicken, and glass of milk, should you eat the apple then the chicken then drink the milk or take a few bites of each as you go along?  

does it even matter at all?

protein first, then it doesn’t matter.

chow down



Are you serious? well if you are, i go with the guy above me that you should probably eat protein first. you will fill up on protein and if ur still hungry then you can eat carbs and other junk.

Supposedly you will stay lean easier cuz you will fill up on protein instead of carbs. (ex: hamburger combo: eat the burger first then if ur hungry eat the unhealthy fries.)

for hypertrophy,

a1 3x8 bites chicken
(pause 60 seconds)

a2 3x3 gulps of milk

b1 10x3 bites of apple
(pause 90 seconds)

b2 3x3 gulps of milk

haha ok so maybe this question sounded better in my head (where it should have stayed)

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