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Eating Healthy - Enough Calories?


So i'm trying to bulk up and lose a few lbs of fat...but I eat really really good most of the time but will this hinder my boduy consuming enough calories it needs to build muscle?

Eating healthy also isn't as filling...sometimes a few slices of cheese pizza is way more filling that a grilled chicken sandwich with a cup of fruit...also taking Carbolin 19 ...is it more effective when you eat better ..like losing fat wise?


Call me stupid, but what does eating good (I assume you mean you're eating a clean diet) have to do with the amount of calories you consume?


i mean there's obviously more calories in a bacon cheesburger than in a tuna sandwich on wheat....so if wanting to get size maybe your body can use those extra calories, but at the same time there's lots of fat, which your body can use too, but not all of it...

I know there's plenty of calories in healthy food. In that I mean low fat and whole grain type foods. I bet this sounds like a stupid thread but i was just wondering.. I don't want to deprive my muscles the caloric intake they need for the sake of avoiding fat content in food..


Your problem is avoiding FAT you need it Its GOOD!!!!!!! Get it from olive oil, eggs. milk nuts fish oil. Hell a handfull of nuts or 2 tbl spoons of Natural Peanut Butter is 200k/cals.

Dense carb choices potatoes, rice etc. Digest fast and are loaded in k/cals.

Its all in the choices.


His problem is that he thinks that eating clean means eating less. Wrong... it means eating more.


Not at all I actually eat all the time.. so I guess I am getting enough calories and fat..thanks for your thoughts..


Since when is a bacon cheeseburger bad for you? Its homemade right? Ya know, real lean beef, real cheese, bacon from your fryer...Sounds like a typical dinner at my house.

You shouldnt be avoiding fat. its good for you. You should be avoiding junk refined carbs and crappy fast food meat.


No, his problem is trying to gain weight in muscle mass while being confused about the concept of needing to eat LESS to lose weight. He wants to do both. When gaining, you avoid the hamburger if you are gaining too much body fat. If you are not gaining too much body fat, avoiding the hamburger doesn't make much sense at all unless this is strictly in the sense of "health" and even that is debateable. No one ever went to the hospital because of a hamburger. Poor health is the result of an entire lifestyle, not one meal or even a few out of thousands.


A lot of people eat say they eat all the time. However,, many are suprised when they find that they actually aren't eating enough. I suggest keeping a food log even if it isn't very detailed. At least you will have some indication of what your are eating. This will also make it easier to incorporate changes to your diet(i.e. adding 100g of carbs a day).

I think you may be confused as to what bulking and eating healthy are. Bulking is just eating above your calroic maintainance. Eating healthy is just well eating healthy, staying away from fast foods and refined carbs. When bulking you don't just eat pizzas and hamburgers to add cals. You eat more of the "healthy" foods to raise your caloric intake.


Not that there is anything wrong with the occasional pizza or hamburger.


This is true