Eating Healthy at College

Hey guys I’m going to enter my freshman year in college in about 2 weeks and I just was wondering if you know of any articles dealing with this subject, or if you could post your advice. I’ll be on the meal plan, and I won’t have money to buy good food (I can’t cook it anyways, Im in a dorm).

Im a former fatass and I spent all of senior year busting my ass running and eating right and now I can start a bulk cycle on a (relatively) clean slate. I DO NOT want to gain substantial amounts of fat (I know some fat gain while bulking is normal). My goal is a clean bulk so any advice/recommendations would be awesome.
Thanks alot

Be very familiar with the salad bar. Also, when they have baked chicken/roast beef/grilled pork or whatever, take the ziplock bags in so that you can stock up for those days they have crappy lasagna. Follow the nutrient timing “rules” and you should be all set.

Yeah man, at my school they have a salad bar that has all types of vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, celery) and you can add tuna or grilled chicken.

If it’s post workout I guess you can just have a burger or grilled chicken sandwich and see if they can put it on some whole wheat bread for PWO. It shouldn’t be that hard.

I used to eat the same thing every day in my first year of college. I believe most cafeterias have a sandwich bar every day I would get a grilled chicken wrap every time. Make sure you have a fridge in your dorm so you can stock up on high protein snacks and tons of milk for your PWO shakes.

same thing at my school. Always got 2 pieces of grilled chicken and mixed vegetables with every meal.

Get a dorm fridge, stock with stuff…

Like everyone else said, there are always healthy options in the cafeteria… I personally found it easier to eat right by going to the C-store every few days and getting stuff to make lunch and storing it in my fridge, dinner I would go to the all you can eat side, do the salad bar and get some meat to go with it…

The options are there, its just up to you to make the right choice…

Eat breakfast. In college it’s by far the toughest meal to eat, given various aspects of college life.

Eat breakfast, have shakes during class every hour and a half, and do what everyone else has told you about the caf and you’ll be good.

Also college is a great place to develop good habits for future training since there are probably going to be top knotch athletes where you’re heading. College is ideal for exchanging perspectives with other individuals on various aspects of life including your training, so take advantage of the knowledge available!-How you train is very tractable when you’re in college so you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things in the gym.

I found that eating at the cafeteria is a great time to bulk, because there is plenty of food available. Once I started cooking for myself it was much harder to get adequate calories due to expensive food and having to take the time to make it.
My advice is stay away from the beer and you’ll be fine.

lol you will have some fun in the dorms.

I stayed in the dorms my freshman year. By the end I couldn’t wait to move out and move into an apt or house but enjoyed it along the way. lol

If you were anything like me, you will have some stories to tell by the end :stuck_out_tongue: lol

As to your question. I had a kitchen in my dorm so we could cook. Me and my dorm roommate (2 in a room) had some mini-fridges and would keep our food in their. I was also the most muscular and athletic guy in my section (6 guys total) and if any of them touched my food in our kitchen they knew I’d be pissed because of the bodybuilding part of it. lol

Eating right was possible for me, I hope that you can find a way. The George Foreman grill became one of my best friends.

I didn’t have an eating plan, just bought my own stuff.

Good luck and hopefully your dorms were co-ed like mine. I had girls as next door neighbors and across the hall, all 8 that I hung out with where attractive and really cool. They made college fun and tolerable my first year. lol

I’m now in my 3rd year, have lived in a house and this is now my 2nd apt, I really like living off campus better, it’s a lot more chill and I’m more productive. Also more freedom. I had less rules living at home than in the dorms which was kind of gay. I was written up several times by the end of the year for stupid stuff. The head RA knew me well, I wasn’t a troublemaker by any means but the rules where just that lame.

well there is a book for ya. lol sorry about that…lol


Also be careful if someone starts stealing your food.