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Eating Healthier But Getting Strange Cravings


Ive been eating better overall the past few weeks. Started slow with simple rules like "eat healthy fish every week", to "include more vegetables" and the last three weeks I have been making my own meals and avoiding the cafeteria at work altogether. I am getting to the point now where when I am hungry I think of healthier choices instead of garbage (in fact I feel a little sick when I think of frozen dinners).

My diet has consisted a lot of:
salads (usually the spring or Italian mix)
sometimes rice
tomatoes (the tiny orange ones)
probably a few more things, but I eat these a lot since they are my favorite

This hasnt been difficult to maintain at all. I really enjoy the food I am cooking so I don't feel like I am "dieting".

In the last 3 days though I have been getting really crazy and bizarre cravings. I am also insatiably hungry..no matter what I put into myself. For instance, two days ago I was starving. So I fried up some mushrooms in olive oil thinking id just have a few...I ended up eating the entire carton in a sitting. Friday night I craved not 1...but 2... double whoppers. I only got one thank god (which isn't great, but I don't eat this garbage anymore and I feel sick even thinking about it). When I wanted the second burger I just ate a few carrots. I ended up going to the grocery store a few hours later and hording random shitty frozen dinners like it was the end of the world. I also had a thing for Beefaroni two days earlier..Of course I got sick right after I ate it.

To summarize...I feel like although I am eating healthier I am missing some nutrients and am hungrier than when I was eating shit.

FWIW: I do lift 4 times a week (5/3/1) and have been incorporating short cardio sessions 2 days a week (either on off days or after lifting depending on how I feel, usually 10 minute biking sessions) per recommendations of my doctor. I have not seen any slowed progress on my lifts...yet.


Try getting more carbs and calories overall, carbs especially peri workout. What are your goals?


I used to have the same problem as yourself.
Eat clean all week, and then come the weekend I would eat 3 large pizzas and a whole garlic bread

I have since ate more “better” food and this helps with the cravings. Probably more the you think you need to eat. Also planning. Most mornings I will quickly write down a a rough eating schedule based on my days activities.



Chances are you’re consuming fewer calories than you used to. Even if your calories work out the same by whatever calculation you’re using.

Your body is going to bitch about it. Three weeks sounds about right for the reaction.


Lots of great points so far. I have felt the same way at certain times. Even if you’re not one to count calories and macros, it might be a good idea to track them for a week and see what you might be missing.

Especially if you’re accustomed to frozen dinners and fast food, your diet probably has a lot less salt and fat. Don’t be afraid to salt fresh, homemade food liberally - you will probably never come anywhere close to the amount they use in processed foods. The same can be true of fat - cook with olive oil, coconut oil and butter, use olive oil and vinegar to dress your salads, and even if you have a heavy hand you will still be better off.

Also, if you’re not used to vegetables, it might shock you how low your calories are, even if you feel like you’re eating a lot. I can have a big protein, rice and veggie dinner and sometimes feel hungry shortly later - usually a couple scoops of MD and ice in the blender will set me right.