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Eating Health Food is Very Difficult

I just started a new diet and I am having hard time managing to get enough calories in, just eating just healthy foods(or for the most part anyway.) Healthy foods are so low in calories , it’s difficult to get enough calories . I only need 2000-2500cals right now. Any helpful input is appreciated.

What are you considering healthy and what are you considering unhealthy? There are plenty of calorie dense nutritious foods.

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I eat rice , cous cous , oatmeal and occasionally bread( which I know is unhealthy) some potatoes.
The protein from the tuna I eat is only around 100-150 cals . My cheat meal is a cheese sandwich which is the only meal that represents a lot of calories. Another staple is QUORN chicken pieces ( bacteria protein mycoprotein )which is marketed by double Olympic Gold medallist Mohammend Farrah. It’s nice as I can still enjoy a chicken (of sorts ) curry and fajitas.

What do you think the health difference between bread and rice is?

Carbs like that should be pretty easy to get calories, especially if you aren’t eating veggies. The big question is, why aren’t you eating fat? Grassfed butter, beef, liver. Coconut, olive, macadamia nut oils. Cheese. Milk.

And add in some veggies if you aren’t eating them.

A lot depends on your goals though.

Something tells me your idea of healthy is pretty terrible if you are talking about product marketing gimmicks.


Bread unhealthy , rice is healthy.
I am not necessarily convinced that quorn is unhealthy just because it is unnatural. It is high in protein and low in fat.
I should mention that I am a vegetarian who eats fish and eggs.

Why is bread unhealthy and why is rice healthy?

so high in protien and low in fat means healthy?

Why are you partly vegetarian? Morals or health?

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white flour causes cancer. It’s mostly morals partly health .

Ok then. Do what you’re going to do.

FTR there is nothing inherently healthier about vegetarianism. You’d probably live a longer and less diseased life eating more of the foods I mentioned and less of the empty carbs you are filling up on.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it really. I only can’t eat meat. I can certainly eat the nuts , butter , coconut, olive.
I am a vegetarian not a vegan. I am not totally opposed to giving up QUORN. It’s a big thing in the UK. I think it didn’t get FDA approval in the states.

Yeah get veg/greens in your diet.

For calories just load up on good fats -olive oil, salmon, cashew nuts etc

Good tips here.If training hard can up intra workout cals substantially without gaining fat…

1:Plan 95%+ of your meals
2: Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week (preferably right after a really tough work-out).
3: Keep a log of EVERYTHING you eat.
4: High protein & fibre foods fill you up real good, focus on these + veggies.
5: Find ways of making naughty food indulgences nowhere near as naughty, example: plain yoghurt + 1 scoop of choc spread is much healthier than a big bowl of ice cream etc.

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Doritos are vegetarian and full of calories (kidding).

There’s a whole food vegetarian on here who’s killing it in his log. Not something I would do, but I respect anyone who’s eating and training consistently.

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Thanks I am familiar with his log. I don’t go to as much effort cooking though. I can cook a little .

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How important are your goals? Allocate your efforts accordingly.

Okay so you need to get lots of leafy greens in, just on principal. Do this in a shake, or salad or whatever but just get then in.
Besides that lentil and chickpea dishes are going to be your ‘bulk’ items for calories. You’re just not going to get it all from broccoli.
Learn how to cook one or two bulk meals (curries are great for this, who doesn’t love a curry?
A curry loaded with lentils, broccoli and cauliflower on a bed of rice will net you HEAPS of calories
And preparing a breakfast in advance of overnight oats with oat milk and some fresh fruit and honey is another big hit of calories.
Heaps of nuts, seeds and Avocado are going to give you your fat, and will also bump up your calories. If I remember right Brazil nuts have massive amounts of saturated fat so they’re an easy way to get calories in

The OP wrote white flour causes cancer, is that just gonna be ignored?

Fat Intake

The easiest method of increasing caloric intake is with fats such as Omega 9 Fats (Olive or Avocado Oil), Coconut Oil, etc.

As an example, a tablespoon of fat provide approximately 126 calories.

Increasing consumption of Saturated Fats; they are necessary for hormonal production. Consuming higher fat meats, cheeses, eggs, butter, having cream in your coffee,

Kenny Croxdale

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He seems very new to the nutrition game. Arguing about correlation/causation/medical research with someone struggling to get calories might not be a good use of time. There’s nothing in bread you can’t get from other places… so why fight it?

Just NO!!

If nothing else take away that, that is complete bullshit.