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Eating Habits Affecting Training Results?


Ok, so I train heavy early in the week with compund movements and do "hypertrophy" type reps later in the week with more compound movements. But after I train, i don't eat. I don't even eat all that much. And i'm 250lbs, but only 180lbs lean.

Here's an example of my training and what i ate today so far-

Bench press
warm ups
275lbs x 1
335lbs failed
275lbs 3x4

Pull ups x20

Dumbell Bench press
75lbsx 10
85lbsx7, x6

225x3, x3, x4,x3

Military Press
135lbs x 8, x6, x5

95lbsx15, x13, x10, x10

Close Grip bench
135lbsx7, 185lbsx5, 205x5, 225x4

AB work

Post anal- Was ok, bench was ok. Failed on the 335lbs. But i had no wrist bands to help.

Diet- i think all i ate was one yogurt, salisbury steak(hamburger patty sized), small amounts of califlower and greens. And after my workout, i still ate nothing.

Now i've eaten like that for a year and at the same time training. How bad of an affect does my diet have on my training? I'm trying to get 200 grams of protein a day with veggies, but i'm just never that hungry.


Open mouth, insert food.


Diet is a HUGE part. How bad?? is it working are you making gains toward your goals?? Evryone is different adjust it to match you and your goals.


in 1-2 years, i've made 20lbs PRs in Squat and Bench. But that's like giong from 315 to 335lbs, which is horrible considered how much i train.


Lifting that hard you need to eat hardcore. If you can't get the necessary intake with food, then supplement. Use shakes, bars, whatever it takes to get you to eat. I eat immeadiately after workout. If I cant sit down to a full meal after workout it is at least a shake. You will actually lean out more by eating more. It takes the body a lot of energy to create muscle, meaning you have to feed it.


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Dumber posts will come, Trav, just give it time

To everyone else, thanks


your 250lbs with ~28% bodyfat and you can do 20 pullups, are these all at once or is this a typo.

on the original post,
yeah you have to eat more, once you get accustomed to eating more you will be hungry all the time. immediately after your WO you should eat something if nothing else get a shake into yah. hell you can make some bangin shakes with about 800Kcals there was one in the tips the other day just throw some natural PB , choc whey and some milk and Ice. good cals and tastes great. adjust to fit your goals. Ben