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Eating Good/Bad

I’m just getting into this westside stuff and have loosened up a bit on my diet. I eat about 5 meals a day and drink nothing but water all day but have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and have started to drink a bit more 2% milk. I also haven’t been eating the cleanest, a little bit of fast food maybe twice a week.

I want to bulk up and add some more weight while I know I don’t want to pack on a bunch of fat, is this okay? I don’t eat any sweets either; lunch cakes,cookies, etc. I weigh 210 now and am getting close to that in protein;grams.I may eat sloppy joes throughout the week, some baked potatoes and a few vegetables.

Don’t buckle over in laughter, I know this might not even sound like a diet to some of you but I’m not looking for super strict. I just want to pack on some weight and get stronger. Totally off or close?

Can you eat crappy and still make gains…yes, in powerlifting the goal is to lift as much weight as possible at a certain bodyweigtht. At 210 you do need to gain weight, but you can do it in a much better way by adding lean mass; instead of eating shit and gaining a lot of fat. Read massive eating, and PN.