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Eating Frozen Pizzas Daily?


Who here eats a frozen pizza everyday? Lately I've been eating a red baron 4 cheese pizza everyday. I used to eat almost strictly chicken, hamburger, and eggs, with a little broccoli and Surge Workout Fuel for carbs. Now I'm trying something different and trying to save money(being a college student)and you can't really beat 1,340 calories(I think) for $2.98 at walmart. I usually have half pre workout and then after my workout I eat the second half right after my shake.


sometimes the tony's individuals go on sale for like 88 cents a piece, I'll usually pick up a dozen or so. Layer with pepperoni, ranch and bbq sauce when you cook them. healthy? who cares at that point.


everyday? shit man that's not gonna be good for health or body fat levels.
Don't try to trick yourself into "I'm bulking, it's ok". I did that with buffalo wings for a period.

but they are by far the best tasting frozen pizza on the market. I usually eat one every weekend, but get the Fire Baked crust Pepperoni. tastes awesome


I used to be a big fan of the Tombstone (or store-brand tombstone-style) frozen pizzas when I was broke. I was also fat then, so I don't know what help that is.


When I was trying to get to 230, I was eating around 4000 Cals a day. 1100~ came from a whole Jacks Originally Pepperoni Pizza. Can't go wrong when they only cost 2$


IMO good idea, I doubt you'd get fat off 50/50


what do you mean 50/50?

As long as I adjust the rest of my day's diet around the carbs/protein/fat consumed I don't see how its different than eating different foods that add up to the same totals. Sure the crust isn't as healthy as slow digesting carbs from veggies or sweet potatos and the fats aren't as good as almond fats but that is why I am consuming around my workout window which is usually in the morning.


I'd get fat, I did get fat.


Thats because you ate a caloric surplus, not because you ate frozen pizza.


You're implying that if one were to simply eat frozen pizza while maintaining a caloric deficit, they would not get fat which, although true, is a silly point. Austin seems that he was pointing out that there are much, much better ways to get in extra calories than eating pizza.

IMO, eating pizza on a regular basis has no place in a bodybuilders diet. Cheat days are fine, but there are plenty of foods that are calorically dense and cheap. Cheap cuts of steak, olive oil, eggs, etc, all will give you the calories necessary to gain. If you are simply looking for an easy way out of a process that is not supposed to be easy, then by all means, eat pizza every day to add extra calories. But if you desire to put on pounds that are more likely to be muscle than fat, find a way to get those extra calories in with better foods.


x2 well said.

For me personally I was a big fan of frozen pizza for a long time and eventually I just lowered the carbs and removed it from diet altogether in June last year, had two slices over Chinese New Year with family and that was the first time in 8 months, can't say I miss it as much as I thought I would. Always on the look out for better quality food that's easy to cook, carry and eat.


If the caloric surplus is the same, he will not gain anymore fat than if he ate clean foods(assuming protein intake is the same due to thermic effect)...

Granted, I will also say people who eat frozen pizza everyday are not the type of guys who are overly concerned with calorie intake and measuring food to the gram...which is why they are more likely to underestimate their calorie intake and pack on fat...while the guys who eat chicken breasts and rice are more likely to be very conscious of their intake and fat gain....


Couldn't have said it better E! Thanks.

How So? The amount of protein in 3000 calories worth of pizza is tremendously less than the amount in steak veggie meals with similar calories. I don't think the body comp of a person living off frozen pizzas eating the same amount of calories as an indivdual living off a nutritionally sound diet would be the same granted their metabolisms and genetics are similar.

Now if we do take thermic effect into consideration than my point holds even more true, more protein, more calories burned.


Granted if that is all you can afford to eat, do what you have to do.


I mean yeah, its what fits the budget, $3.00 in steak won't go very far. I save a little money to put towards some supplements. But it's only 1300-1400 cals(not 3,000), I still get all the protein I need from chicken, beef, eggs, ON whey, MAG-10, ANACONDA, and Metabolic Drive.


Honestly, I would save the money and spend it more on whole food thann those supps. But yeah I got side tracked bro. I was discussing D's post not yours when I was mentioning 3000 calories. I was trying to figure out his line of thought, cause I wasn't understanding him. I hope he wasn't saying 3000 calories worth of pizza would result in the same results of someone eating much more anabolic foods (steak and potato etc.) Idk it's just not comprehending.

I had pizza tonight as a semi cheat day as I was pushed for time with night classes, but I don't make a habit of it. We have the 90% rule, eat 90% clean, but I am on the 100% rule, because the 100% rule leaves me eating 90% clean lol....But I digress, as long as you are satisfied with your progress and money is tight eat the pizza. If you are putting on a little too much chunk, I'd know what to cut out first and if you aren't gaining get on a meal plan at school and eat! haha


1-2x a week.


Dam, I don't know dude.

I mean a kcal isn't just a kcal like, but then again if it's workin for you then who am I too judge.


Similar concepts over here. I work to eat clean when at home and work and leave whatever cheat eating I get to special occasions (weddings whatever). But even then it's usually some rice, ice cream, dark choc or in the case of Chinese New Year biscuits, pork jerky (with higher sugar content) and frozen pizza haha.

I realise that I'm not disciplined enough to give myself cheat meals, I'm still learning this, I have to give myself no options, not buy cheat food and keep eating clean, maybe for another couple of years. Nothing special about this just that I was a foodie (FFB) and no good with control. have to teach myself this.

OP, could you consider the home made pizza option with assorted vegies, low GI carb, good quality cheese, not sure if that fits your budget but hope it does, just a thought.


by 50/50 I meant half before and half after

what is so wrong with having shitty carbs immediately before or after a workout? in my experience it does not alter body fat levels

also for $3 you can get 3 dozen eggs on sale