Eating for Your Blood Type

I recently visited with a local nutritionist in an effort to gain some knowledge on what to eat properly when training. Halfway through our consultation, the nutritionist began talking about specifically eating for my blood type. According to him, certain blood types respond much better to certain foods than to others. For example, I am an A blood type and this is what he told me to eat

Carbs - Brown Rice, Oatmeal and Yams. I should avoid bread and pasta and any other source of complex carb.

Veggies - Brocolli, Cauliflower, Cabbage. Other veggies are okay, but I should avoid corn like the plague.

Protein - White sources (Soy and Whey). I should eat chicken in moderation, fish once/week max, and red meat 3 times/week max.

Fats - Supplementing with Flax Seed Oil was the only thing he told me.

Of course this only pertains to when I’m dieting to “cut”. When bulking he told me to eat whatever I wanted, and eat my face off.

I just want to know what your take is on this “blood type” thing. Does it hold any weight?


Looks more like a pretty good yet kinda partial cookie cutter list taht ANYONE could and should use most times, let alone just for cutting and a blood type.

Whole foods, no processed junk, Lean meats I would not worry so much about the red meat just get the lean cuts, good fats. etc…

I say start with the 7 Habits article

That will caover everything and more that you gained from this expert and save time and money.

Then read any and all by Dr’s JB and LL.

Ask questions and Grow! in knowledge and physique.

Hope that helps,

Phil beat me to the punch!

With a few exceptions (I would incorporate fish oils/eat more fish, limit rice much like corn and stay away from Soy)…this is sound advice independent of the blood type stuff…


There’s actually a book from several years ago called “Eating Right For Your Blood Type”. I don’t know how it works for everyone, but it accurately calculated that my body prefers a higher-protein diet. Of course, if you believe Atkins, everyone needs a higher protein diet. Ignoring, for a moment, that most people don’t get enough protein to begin with, for the general non-exercising populace, this book might have some useful things to say.

It’s been a few years since I read it, so I don’t have any idea how it applies to T-Men.

Does any blood type get to eat cookies, ice cream and pizza with a side order of beer?

Thanks a lot for the input guys. Just one question who’s LL?

[quote]vroom wrote:
Does any blood type get to eat cookies, ice cream and pizza with a side order of beer?[/quote]

Yes, that would be Blood Type “F”.

LL= Lonnie Lowery

I can’t find the sources right now but that whole idea of eating for your bloodtype has been totally discredited. I’m sure if you search well enough through the articles here, you’ll find the information about why it is unfounded.
You can also find lots of good sources for proper nutrition and save some $$$ avoiding the guy you consulted with…

Eating for your blood type is BS*.

*= Bull Shit