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Eating For Size Sucks

I’ve been leaning down for 3 months now and have flipped the switch so to speak and began slowly eating to put some size on.

Either I am planning my meals horribly wrong, or this is just way more difficult than I imagined. It’s 4pm, and I’m at about 2500 calories for the day, so by the time dinner and evening snack are done, maybe 3200 or so. I feel like I haven’t stopped eating.

How you fuckin’ guys who eat 4 and 5 thousand calories worth is beyond me.

I read some story today about Vic Richards eating 30,000 calories - 25 chicken breasts and 15 pounds of rice a day, lol.

huh…not sure what ate the rest of my post, but that’s pretty ironic. anyway, you get the jist of it.

I’ve always been the other way around. I don’t understand how people can have trouble eating. :stuck_out_tongue: At one point I calculated that I was getting 6000 cals a day without even realizing it.

Wahhh I have to eat a lot! Wahhh!

Are you eating clean? Clean eating in abundance is torture. If you cut out carbs you may begin contemplating powerlifting as a lifestyle choice.


Really depends on what yoru eating.

what airturth said.

And eating every 2 hrs helps get it in too. Kind of have to condition yourself to eat that often, but your body will adjust.

aiming for about 600-700 per meal will get you there eating every 2 hrs.

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2500 calories is for breakfast mate.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Liquid meal, prepped in a blender.

Presoaked oats, frozen berries, 4 eggs and 2 scoops of why do it for me, breakfast and PWO.

Also, shakes made from powdered oats, whey and hazlenut oil.

But even so, I do hear you on the difficulties of eating big and clean.


Are you following me tonight? Last three threads I’ve posted on you have popped up out of the blue as I hit submit. Hmmmmmmmm.

Mixed nuts are you friend, I don’t know what I’d do for calories if it weren’t for giant bags of almonds and cashews.

I have similiar stats to you, here’s what I’m currently doing:

shake (oats, milk, whey, PB) 1000 calories

apple, bagel w/ cream cheese, 2 scoops whey 500 calories

500-1000 calories of whatever I can get my hands on (usually subway, tacotime, edo japan)

2 scoops whey, oatmeal bar, spinach 500 calories

gatorade, creatine, water

lifting session

supper (600 calories worth of meat/carbs/vegetables)

garbage meal 500 calories.

This is working for me a as a fairly sedentary student training 4x a week with powerlifting as a primary goal

It can be tough, but my go to meal when I need a high calorie clean meal is definitely the following.

12 oz chicken breast
-depends on what brand of chicken breast but they typically range from 100-150 calories per 4 oz so there is about 300-450 calories total here with about 60 or so grams of protein right here

Mission Wheat Tortilla
-these are the ones that are high fiber, as in 31 grams of carbs total but 21 of those grams are fiber, 4.5 grams of fat, and 8 grams of protein equaling 200 calories.

1 cup kraft fat free cheddar cheese
-surprised I don’t hear more people talking about cheese as a great source of getting extra protein. Usually 9 grams per 1/4 cup and only 45 calories here depending on the brand. Lookin at 36 grams total protein here alone per cup. No carbs(back of package says less than 1g), no fat, just protein.

Texas Pete
-calorie free condiment for the taste factor

So my typical taco/burrito/quesdilla/whatever the hell you call has the following totals (the cheese will vary depending on what I need for that meal at that time of day so the example below is the one when I need a ton of protein)

830 calories, 110 grams protein, 31 grams of carbs, 21 grams of fiber, 4.5 grams of fat

Just an idea to keep in mind if you are struggling to meet certain numbers, and it tastes pretty good too. The fat free cheese can be expensive though, but Wal-mart has big bags of their brand of cheese for 7 bucks(good deal) just watch the fat content with the wal-mart cheese.

Yeah I don’t know wtf you’re complaining about…I hate that even when I’m trying to gain size I have to hold back on my eating so I don’t get too fat because its so easy for me to eat a shit load. What kind of foods are you eating that you feel like you’re eating so damn much at only 3200 calories a day?

Now dieting - there’s absolute hell!

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I think some people focus more on “eating clean” than they do whether they are eating enough to grow.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
I think some people focus more on “eating clean” than they do whether they are eating enough to grow.


Very true.

Looking good there prof. Props.

I think it would be hard on low carb diets.

I tried a lc the other week for a day and still took in 150g.

big pieces of meat
heaps of eggs

a snack and dinner are only going to net 700 calories? you need to up your portion sizes, or switch to more calorie dense foods (beef instead of chicken, for example).

and vic richards has stated that the 30k calories thing was untrue.

I guess I don’t really understand how people have trouble eating enough… let alone if enough is under 4000 cal. Without even trying I get over 4500 (as in that’s a bad day) and a good day of big-boy eating puts me a bit over 6000. What types of food do you eat?

All I know is that with steak, hamburgers, pasta, rice, potatoes, and whole milk, I have no trouble.