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Eating For Max Strength


After finishing TBT in a few weeks I was thinking of starting a program which focused on developing my functional strength and power, without necessarily piling on more muscle. The reason for this is I intend on training and competing in some endurance sports for about two months after the program finishes, so carrying extra weight around won’t be beneficial for this.

What would be the recommended calorie intake for a program like this? Should I being aiming for a “maintenance” level or do I still have to have a positive calorie balance?

Any help would be appreciated.


You can actually gain strength by following a diet that is below your maintainance calorie intake (see CT’s mutation series). So therefore, you could try to lose some fat and lower your weight if it would help you out in your endurance sports.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure if eating above maintainance would help with extra strength increases if maximum strength gain was your priority. I would imagine that it would improve your workout performance however, so it probably would help.

Hope this is useful