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Hey bros, I have decided to put my juicin a side until I reach my full potential. I am 5’10" and weigh 165 pounds. I have been training non-stop for almost 5 years.I recently started charting my calories, carbs and protein throuhout the day as i eat. man, I was not eating enough at all. I bought a calorie counting book and started plotting down eactly what I eat everytime i make a meal. I was shooting for 3700 calories my first three days and got within 100 each day. I started last 2weeks ago weighing 159 and now weigh 165. not bad! This thread is just a reminder to those that it really does take great dedication to eat a high amount of calories and I was being lazy when i decided to do cycles without putting the hard work in first.

Good job, Hulkster!!! And good advice, too.

What is your BF% currently, and will you be tracking BF along with everything else?

That’s no lie, Hulk! After a surgical procedure on my throat in October, I lost an ungodly amount of weight - muscle and fat - and decided to use Berardi’s Massive Eating as a way to quickly gain back my mass, and then get even bigger. It’s what started my T-Nation tour of duty.

7 months later, I’ve packed on over 25 pounds (no steroids and just 5 days of MAG-10), most of which is muscle. My strength levels went bonzo crazy, and people have definitely noticed. I’m also 31 years old, so it’s never too late.

With that said, eating with a purpose and keeping a log is what got me on the right path. I usually opt for meaningful calories, although I do allow myself to eat whatever I want from time to time, just to keep sane. Now I’m cutting down, and so far I haven’t lost any considerable amount of strength. I haven’t even started using my Hot Roxx yet, so obviously diet is key.

Good luck!

Good choice man. ’

I’ll tell you what even if you had chosen to go the PH route without knowing how and what to eat you wouldnt have made the progress you will by simply learning how to optimize your diet.

You are on a fast track to success. Diet is the main factor in any and all your goals in this game. Once you have a grasp on that you are primed for some serious gains.

Keep up the work. Experiment. Track everything, and learn.

Keep us posted,