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Eating For Lean Muscle Gains

Hey guys,

I recently had surgery for a hernia, and I need a meal plan to get me going again. Per doctor’s orders I haven’t worked out in about 2-3 months and have lost a lot of muscle. I’m 5’10". Pre-surgery, I weighed ~180 with very little body fat, And I am now down to ~165.

I’m looking for a meal plan that is high in protein that will help me pack on lean muscle - I’m not looking to “bulk up,” just get my muscular look back.
Any help is much appreciated…

the USDA sometime during the 20th century instituted the use of food labels, which were designed as a basic guide for shoppers to identify the nutrient facts of a given product easily.

use it.

p.s. im always this big of a prick :wink:

A bit OT…

My dad had the same operation a few days ago. Doctors told him he must not lift anything heavier than 1kg (~2.2 pounds) for six months. If I understood you correctly, now that 2-3 months have passed, you are going back to the gym. How’s that?

Do a search for, and read the nutrition articles by John Berardi and Lonnie Lowrey.