Eating for Hiking

Hi folks,

Once a week on Sundays I go hiking with my girlfriend in the mountains for about 6 hours straight. It’s a lot of necessary cardio (I love hiking with her), but am wondering if there’s some way I can eat to minimize muscle loss.

I usually pack 3 meals (one quick one every 2 hours) consisting of chicken and fruit thinking that P+C is better than P+F while hiking. Is this right or do I have it completely backwards? Also, does anyone recommend carb loading before the activity or have other such tips?

Thanks a million!

well man, word has it that fruit will only replenish the glycogen in your liver… so maybe you’ll want to pack a chicken sandwich if you handle wheat well, or, if you don’t, some chicken and rice.

then again, you could always go for me 'ole favorite - beef jerky and gatoraide. :wink:

I don’t think that one day of hiking is gonna cause a massive reduction in LBM. Pack some protein and carbs (something thats gonna give ya energy) and have fun,don’t sweat the small stuff.

I am not sure on all this stuff, but if you’re hiking. You should have a snack say some kind of nuts, and be eating it all 6 hours of that day.

Have fun I’m hiking the Grand Canyon on the 9th-13th. So, it’ll be fun!

Have a great time in the rockies! OK, decided on constant chicken, fruit, and beans; thanks for the input!