Eating for Fat Loss?

Hi there. New to the boards. Have a question about nutrition but I’ll give a bit of background first. I am 36 years old, male, and have been a powerlifter for a good many years. However I always carried a lot of fat. Last November I weighed 314 at 56%. Today I am 241 at 29%. My nutrition has been mainly CKD style throughout this time, with maintenance periods throughout. However I have noticed over the last 12 weeks or so that fat loss has slowed incredibly. Thus I feel maybe it is time for a nutrition change.

I am going to be eating a macronutrient split of 45% protein, 30% fat and 25% carbs for the next 8-12 weeks and have my bodyfat measured at the end of this nutrition cycle. This is based upon 1800 calories daily. All carbs are fibrous, with the occasional fruit weekly. No grains, starches, etc…; fat is almonds, fish oil, flax oil, and meat, and protein is lean meats, eggs, protein powder and fish. Just wondering if this split seems like one which is good for fat loss? Training wise I am doing 3 whole body superset workouts weekly consisting of compound movements for 5 cycles and 3 HIIT/Tabata runs weekly; Sunday is an active rest day.

Just wondering if this makes any sense to you guys. Thanks.

Everything sounds good to me except 1800 calories sounds too low.