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Eating for Daily Energy


Some meals make me feel more energetic after eating than others. There are of course tons of great articles for eating for training and overall health, but not as many dedicated to principles that underlie what makes you feel better in the moment (would help a lot at work!).

While I know some of the basic ideas that contribute to this feeling (e.g., modest glycemic index and load, relatively high protein), I was wondering if there are articles dedicated to principles of nutrition specifically regarding how the meal affects your energy/focus/mood. There are some lists of individual ideas for good things to eat, but not many regarding general principles so that I can design my own recipes around these principles. Thanks!


I vote for dark chocolate. :grinning: Chocolate can actually be healthy for people until we start adding in stuff. The darker the chocolate the better.


TC Luoma has some articles on this kind of stuff especially improved mood from focusing on gut health. Thib is discussing it a lot in his forums lately

For me personally totally eliminating sugar foods like desert and cakes etc, and getting in a truckload of greens has made a huge difference


Try miso soup. It’s a bit shitty plain, so I’d chop up some onions, carrots and celery and sauté that shit, then add the water, dilute the miso in a cup, add it to the veggies and stir.

Done well, it should give you a solid, wholesome feeling of health. I have no idea what it’s like nutritionally though.


Pineapple is my go to feel good at lunch then at about 3:00. The fresh chunk stufff, not from a can. Oh yeah, and chicken.

Don’t know what principals are behind that though.