Eating for an Older Lifter

I’ve been reading the various training logs in this forum for the past year and have picked up some good ideas to help me out.

Just curious on how you guys eat and use supplements. My wife tells me I still eat like I’m 26 and not 46. Obviously lot easier to put on weight at this age so losing some weight will be a goal in 2010. Thanks

Be more specific. Thanks

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What are your stats (height/weight)?

What are your goals?

How many cals/day do you eat? What’s that look like in terms of P/C/F?

Example, I’m 38yo, a little under 5’-9", 245ish

I’m trying to get much stronger and put on more muscle mass

I eat roughly 4000-4500 cals per day, appx 300-400g protein per day.

That’s about 2+ lbs of steak per day, a few shakes, and ‘other’ (like potatos, fruits, etc).

I’m 6’2" about 275. Goals are more strength but do not want to gain any more weight. If fact, I would like to lose 20-25 pounds.

I don’t count calories or even grams of protein per day. I eat three meals per day that include a large amount of protein. I’m eating more fruit and vegetables and shying away from the complex carbs. I do try to take in about two protein drinks per day ( 30-50 grams each ) but that sometimes is hard to do.

I do take BCAA’s before and after my workouts. I’m thinking about using them throughout the day when protein drinks are not handy.