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Eating for a football knockout

Hey all,
I have a football (Aussie) knockout coming up and was hoping for some advice on eating and refueling for the day. Basically the day consists of minimum 3 games not including finals. This means I play a game, rest for a while, and play another game. I was thinking of having protein shakes, yoghurts,fruit and glucose drinks. Any suggestions on recovering and keeping my energy levels up.

I have a little experience with this from playing to american footballs games in one day, - and you definately need to plan a bit.

First of all you need energy and lots of it. Off course you some protein and fast carbs (to quickly refuel between games), but you also need something that will last you a bit longer: Slow carbs and fat. Otherwise you risk burning out towards the end of the games (especially the second and third). Make sure to eat as soon as you can breathe again after a game, so you have the chance to digest a bit before the next one starts.

In addition, get sportsdrinks with minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium) to keep you from cramping up later in the day.

Lastly, - arrange for massages, hot tubs, cold tubs etc. for the day after: You will need it !!!

Good luck, play hard and stay away from major injuries !!

Rank- I played Rugby in the US and we played a few tournaments similar to what you describe. I would not drink protien shakes. Stick with carbs. Mostly simple carbs. Fruit is good. I used to mix honey into OJ and water. Always charged me up for the next match. Simple carbs are best.

I had a look at a triathlon sample diet when training 3 times a day. It was pretty much simple carbs, like fruit, white bread, lollies - snakes etc and for protein it was tuna and chicken. Do you think this would be good to have; Tuna and/or chicken sandwhiches on white bread with of course fruit etc. I will have to try the honey and OJ drink, could be nice. Thanks guys.