Eating fads?

Yet another question from me… it seems that lately everybody is doing Massive Eating for bulking and Massive Eating with lowered calories for cutting. Is anybody just EATING their daily requirements of protein, carbs and fat required for growth? You know, “chanko” diet, the way bodybuilders have been eating for decades (and still are)? I understand the rationale behind p+f and p+c meals, but I don’t think there is a single bodybuilder in the world sticking to these rules, at least not during bulking. I am not judging its validity, just expressing my thoughts.

Sasa, The point of massive eating is to optimize nutritional parameters so as to IMPROVE upon that which bodybuilders have been doing for decades. It’s a bit more difficult to me than regular ol’ eating away at maintainance and therefore I understand your comments. However, I wouldnt have introduced it if it was only equally effective as other methods. I think it’s superior. The other point here is that it is the “on paper” ideal. No fat in certain meals and no carbs in certain meals can rarely be accomplished. Even most protein only powders have a couple grams of carbs and a couple grams of fat. But any strength coaches, nutritionist, etc will tell you that when they write articles, the put down ideal programs that are “perfect world” type scenarios. The closer you get to it the better the results will be…to a point. But you’re not a failure if you dont follow it EXACTLY as it is specified on paper. It’s a guide not a prescription. But keep this in mind…just because I say this, it isnt license to be lazy either. Pursue the ideal but dont expect absolute perfection.

One simple reason everyone is following it is just because it makes a lot of sense. Over the last few years we’ve been swamped with all the high fat/ low carb dieting methods so people have begun to realize that fat doesn’t deserve such a bad rap and lack of carbs is essential for bodyfat control. So the question is…how can one bulk and add a substantial amount of muscle…as much muscle as can be added while following a more traditional diet plan, …but put on muscle while keeping his/her bodyfat in check? A high fat diet won’t cut it because without the carbs, there’s no insulin…without the insulin…no growth. Most people get too fat when bulking with traditional meal plans. So now we have massive eating, a combination of the low carb and high carb diet which gives real world results. Something everyone can use.

Massive eating rules. Perhaps the most important thing it has taught me can be expressed with one word: moderation. With the all the low-carb fads that have been going around, I was on a low-carb diet for most of 6 or 7 months. It sucked. I was also afraid of cardio after all the bad mouthing it has gotten. But with massive eating, I’m able to tailor my carb intake to what I need. And with a moderate amount of cardio I am feeling great. I’m eating as much as I ever have and I feel light all day long. I never have the bloated “Look I’m Greg Kovacs!” feeling like I would sometimes get with other bulking diets. Massive eating is by far the most valuable nutritional guideline I have ever read.