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Eating Encouragement


eat more...


Pretend that your mouth is an airplane hangar and that each spoon of food you put in is an airplane that is coming in for a landing.


I always talk about how I learned to "hide" calories when I was first trying to put on weight. While I won't suggest eating crap, I will say that all of your macros don't need to be excessively clean.

ie. Cheese on everything, A few Tbsps of PB after each meal, Drinking protein shakes as beverages with solid meals.



I have a (Female) friend who weighed 84 lbs a few months back, and I got her up to 91 lbs (There was a thread about it).

Some of the practices we instituted:
- No skipped meals. Ever. Even if you're not hungry. She could go 11 hours without eating and not notice. We need to build up that proper appetite by expanding the stomach and getting a good "food cadence".
- Forget the skinny lattes. You want whole milk, cream if possible. Hell, put 35% in there with whipped cream on top.
- You like chocolate. Good. Have desert every night.
- You like milk. Good. Have a glass at each meal.
- Milk+ casein shake before bed to avoid night starvation.
- Butter on all bread.
- Oil/butter on all steamed vegetables
- Sauce on all meats.

It's basically like the opposite of cutting. Eat more, eat more nutrient-dense foods.


I add sliced black olives to my salads & vegetables.
I get to count that as a fruit right? LOL


yesterday, i ate a ribeye for lunch.


LOL at "night starvation"...


i'm rendering some leaf lard to make a pie. i will soon be chowing on some fresh cracklins...


RE-LOL at "night starvation". If I'm already fucking starving while I sleep..how have I managed to gain 15lbs of muscle mass in a few months and maintain the same level of leanness by fasting all the way until 4-6pm and training with nothing but BCAA and eating all of my food allotment in 3 hours after?


we know, we know. Want another gold star?


I intend to hammer the point just as hard as "eat every 3 hours" has been hammered into all of our heads for as long as I can remember.

I will accept your gold stars, but I use myself as an example only because it's the simplest for me to do. There are far better examples of others that I can use..some of whom are on this site. Unfortunately, misinformation needs to be combated with fervor and will undoubtedly come off as redundant and annoying. But, I could care less really. My only goal is to spread true, useful information and help others, just as I was helped before when I believed in all the BS that dominated the fitness world.


It's great that you found a plan which works for you, man, but you didn't start off as an eighty pound female with an eating problem. For her, obviously, casein and milk right before bed had a beneficial effect. Please, spread the wealth, you've obviously done something right, but remember that to a kid with a hammer everything looks like a nail.


Bitch could have eaten a fucking pizza for breakfast. Getting calories in isn't exactly sports nutrition for advanced athletes.


i just ate half a chicken with some roasted vegetables and some steamed baby bok choi for lunch. i'm busy fighting the day starvation.






my favorite