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Eating During Workout & Fat Loss

I am an Olympic Weightlifter and for years I trained in the unlimited weightclass. Recently I moved down to 105 kilo class. Anyway I usually drink protein/carbs during workout but I wanted to burn some fat so I have been just eating protein before workouts, nothing during and taking caffein and egcg.

But I have been reading about energy systems and that lypolysis only occurs during low to moderate intensity. And since my weekly average intensity is usually 80% and above. Am I even using fat for fuel? I train 8 times a week usually an hour and a half to 2 hours a session. If I am not burning fat I am going back to my protein and sugar water.

Don’t get to caught up in the “fat zone intensity” too much. Yes low to moderate intensity activity prefers fats for fuel over glycogen, but it might not matter at the end of the day. If you’re in a calorie deficit your body will resort to body fat (adipose tissue) to feed the difference.

It all comes down to diet, really. If your intensity is too high, where your using glycogen as fuel, rather than fats, your still fine. Carbs that you ingest will be utilized to refill glycogen rather than being stored as fat. Add this to a calorie deficit and you’ll lean out.

That’s good advice but I am on weight right now. Actually a kilo under when I should be a few kilos over. So I can’t be in a calorie deficit because I have to keep my strength up for competition. I am getting about 5000 to 6000 calories a day. I have seen weightlifters get lean without bulking and cutting, which is my goal.

You might not need to “cut” if your already at weight. Just a small change in a meal or two can be enough to make the difference. Or even, cleaning up your food choices while keeping calories the same. However, I touched on this breifly in my last post, glycogen replenishment. Ex: If you needed 3,000kcals daily to maintain your weight and your diet consisted of 400 grams of carbs in day (1,600 kcals). Some of those carbs will go towards refilling your glycogen that was lost after intense training.

Lets say you used 100grams of glycogen, then only 300 grams of carbs will be used as fuel through out the day, the other 100 will be stored as glycogen. This puts you at a 400 cal deficit while eating at “maintainence”.