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Eating During Family Gatherings

Hi all, this regarding to a situation I believe almost of us encounter due to social life. Yesterday we had family gathering of 4 families (grandparents, parents, kids). I was worried about food because of my diet, I didn’t want to hinder my regimen. As you may think, all kinds of foods were there, starting from heavy sweets up BBQ grilled veal meat and chicken.

On the lunch; I checked all the item available and picked the following:

  1. a plate of garden salad (1 tomato, 1 green pepper, 1/4 onion, and some leafs of lettuce).
  2. 1 BBQ charcoal grilled chicken breast
  3. 200g of BBQ charcoal grilled veal beef

and that’s it, nothing more. I couldn’t think about rice or stuffed grape leafs for example as they were cooked with oil.

Same happened with dinner, nothing were suitable for my diet except grilled chicken and same salad.

I also had 4 cups of firewood tea that was made with sugar

My intake for the day was 300g prtoein, 70g of carbs (most fibers) and 50g of fat as an approximation, and calories were around 2200 kcal

I very worried if what I ate was wrong, I mean, a huge amount of protein in two settings only. What do you think? did I managed the day right, or I had to do something else?

Thanks in Advance

If it’s a weekly event then you should worry about this. If it was a once off do the best you can and carry on. A single day of higher calories is really no big deal if you don’t go nuts.

@tsantos Thanks for the reply, actually it is not the higher calories, I didn’t went above my TDEE, my concern is about eating lots of protein in form of grilled meat and chicken without any other forms of food.

Ahhh sorry, I missed that bit. The macros are pretty awesome for a bad day if you ask me. Mine usually look like lots of sugary carbs, lots of fat and not enough protein :smiley:. You did really well.

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@tsantos Thanks too much bro, I was very worry and upset.

It takes more than one day of disordered eating to make or break your diet, brother. Relax a little and enjoy the family gatherings for what they are - a time of celebration with your loved ones.

You can jump back on your diet tomorrow, but life’s too short to stress about these things.

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Live the moment is what you have to do…Think too-much would spoil the whole…so just enjoy the family gathering and back on track the next day onward…

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Unless you have a contest or meet weigh-in in the near future, or unless the family gathering was catered by McDonald’s, there’s zero reason to think twice about enjoying one day of unlimited good food with family.

Some things, many things, are actually more important than your ab definition.


Salad, grilled chicken, and beef? Your cheat day was more strict than most people’s regular diet haha. Excuse me while I go wallow in my self pity and ice cream

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@lord_humongous I was worrying about the huge amount of chicken and beef I ate through the day without anything else rather than salad. 300g of protein per one day is huge amount as I think.

is the veal where you come from reared in the traditional way? I’ve only ever had that once and it was really good but I did feel a little guilty about it

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The way I see it, no one ever got fat off of meat and salad (unless you ate enough of it to feed a small village, I guess)

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