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Eating Clean

I’ve been reading about nutrition on this site for a while and I realize that caloric intake is probably the most important factor in gaining weight in the form of muscle.

However, as a high school student, I have a hard time eating enough food while also eating clean. More specifically, I find it’s hard to eat a lot of food that doesn’t come from a box (processed carbs?) when you’re at school roughly 8 hours a day.

Anyone have any tips for getting in roughly 3500 calories with a majority of it being clean?

More specifically, I guess I’m just asking more for suggestions on specific foods to eat like nuts, yogurts, peanut butter, wheat bread, etc.

Any more suggestions?

pasta, olive oil, ground beef, chk, whole-grain bread, protein shakes, fruit, etc. simple foods, just eat lots. like hambugers with lots of cheddar cheese and some chk/pasta dishes. also, remember that you dont have to eat all 3500 cals at school, have a 1000 or so in the morning and at dinner. dont even worry that that’s too much at your age. you could probably eat more and not have a problem.

How much do you weigh? I get the feeling its not all that much, and that you could stand to eat some not so clean foods to get your cals in.

Other than that, there are lists of these foods all around here.

6’0, 187 lbs.

8 hours of school is a long ass time, ouch.

here’s some suggestions:

at night, after school, whatever, take 20-30 minutes for food prep the next day.

chop up a bell pepper and throw it in some tupperwhere with a bunch of hummus. Combine with a protein shake and some olive oil. Also toss back an apple.

I’m sure you eat a good lunch and have that figured out.

I got this one from Berardi’s book, I call it “Protein Turds” though because it looks like a turd, but tastes like a rieces pieces, so all is good. Mix up 4 scoops of chocolate protein and two big tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and about 1/4 cup of flax seed and just a little itty bit of water into a big bowl. mix the shit out of it, it should form into a thick paste after a lot of mixing (if not, you used too much water, if it doesn’t mix well, incrementally put in a bit more). form it into bars and toss in freezer, there’s about 1000 kcal total in that snack.

Turkey/cheese/lettuce wraps. it’s self explanatory. Triple down on the lettuce though to get a little more veggies. snarfing down about 400-700 kcals on these isn’t hard. I recommend pepper jack cheese.

I’m sure others will chime in with a lot more stuff. Also, you might wanna get an insulated lunch box and something to keep it all cool throughout the day. Making all that food for the next day will take about 10-15 minutes and another 5-10 to clean up.

Pasta, lentils, beans…
Research is saying Roman gladiators had a mainly barley diet to keep themselves bulked up for their ‘profession’.

  • Carry around a bag of Mixed nuts. 1 cup equals 800 calories.

  • Take a turkey/chicken sandwhich in a plastic bag. 1 sandwhich can be upwards of 500 calories

  • If your school allows it, protein shakes and protein bars are easy calories.

Just those 3 things alone could add up 1500 calories a day no problem. You should be getting 5 - 10 minutes in between every class so time should NOT be an issue.

Hmm…1500 calories isn’t really all that much now that I think about it.

I have to get around there on most days. I guess I just need to eat more for breakfast/before bed.

Thanks all.

First off 8 hours of school isn’t like 8 hours of work. In school compared to work basically anything goes. I graduated Highschool only 2 years ago and pretty sure things haven’t changed much in that time. It all comes down to laziness. I had to wake up 20 minutes earlier to pack a backpack full of food but it was worth it in my book so it wasn’t difficult. I hear kids whine all the time oh it’s hard. No it’s not.

I even had teachers that were assholes and wouldn’t let me eat in class so I would go to the bathroom and take my food with(teachers can’t refuse to let you pee. If they do threaten a law suit, works everytime.)It is EASILY possible to eat good, large amounts of food every 2 hours in school but it takes some committment and is a chore. If anything the worst part is all the beggers,“C’mon just one bite man”. So suck it up.

Let us know how it goes. Heres to getting big my friend!

Nuts are the best for calorie density. They taste wicked too and give your skin a nice feel.

Nuts you can eat in class no worries without any fuss (cracking open a can of tuna even causes problems after you leave school and work in an office).

Protein powder is going to be handy too, carry your shaker around, and mix the protein powder directly with water from the water fountain.

I work a 10 hour day, and I eat clean, I carry in 3 lunchboxes and some loose stuff (about 2kg or so of food) which I eat through the day.