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Eating Clean


ok so ive finally made the commitment and have been eating clean for about a week and a half now. however something is either wrong or there is a sucky part no one tells you about. about 6-7 days into it, whatever i eat passes through me faster than i can enjoy is, is this normal? it hurts accually, like right now as i type this my stomac is is pain. is this normal? and if it is, please tell me it goes away SOON


What do you actually mean? Do you have digestion problems, flatulence, hunger,..??

Please be more detailed with your descriptions.


What are your stats? What is your diet like?

What you just stated points to a significant lack of fiber in your diet as well as a possible deficiency in fat intake. There is way too much focus on "eating clean" instead of eating to see results.


well im eating lots of lean meats and proteins, vegetabls and fruits, nuts, cottage cheese, ive cut out all the junk food i used to eat, stopped eating sweets with the exception of something small every few days. and when i saw pass through me fast i mean i shit like 3-5 times a day need anymore descriptions?


Could be a few things

1) Too much creatine gives you the shits

2) Too much protein gives some people the shits (and makes the others constipated)

3) Not enough fiber, if your idea of eating clean does not include large amounts of fruit/vegetables/whole grains.

Back off the creatine a bit and supplement with fiber (or eat your veggies).


i dont use creatine and i do eat fiber and whole grains


I would guess it is simply your body not being used to whole foods. No processed crap.

Are you eating a lot of foods you rarely ate before?? Mainly my guess would be the addition of fruits and veggies.

You can give it time, also add in digestive enzymes, maybe some beano and yoghurt.

Other than that in time you will adjust.


You mean there is someone here who does NOT shit 3-5 times a day?


im not complaining about shitting 3-5 times a day, im complaining about when i do it, it hurts like a bitch to the point where im doubled over in pain, ill take the beano sugestion though, maybe that will help, and i think im going to have to agree that maybe its because my body isnt used to the good stuff, and hope the pain will go away soon?


you might have started eating too much fiber, too fast. your body kinda has to get used to that, expecailly if your diet has been low in fiber for a while.

i had the same thing happen to me ahwile back....once your body gets used to it, you'll feel much better. you could tough it out, or cut down on the fiber and add a little more every few days...


I shit a lot. Your diet looks fine to me. I don't think too little fiber's the problem. You may be adjusting to eating more (adequate) fiber and other foods. Just give things time to settle down.


...or drink more milk.


Sounds like gas pains from eating more food and more fiber.

It happens to all of us at some point. Hell, I was doubled over last night with stomach pain from a huge plate of chicken stir fry. The frozen bag of veggies says it makes 19 servings, but I only get four. So I must get a huge amount of fiber in that meal...enough to give me some gas and gas pains.

What can you do? You have to eat big to grow.

Also, if you changed your diet from crap food to good food, your body will need time to adjust.

Amazing what shit food can do to you!!! It makes good food hurt! HA!


Drink more water. If you eat lots of fiber and protein, but don't drink any water, you'll get giant fucking rocks coming out of your ass.


LOL!! No kidding. But once you're used to good food, the "bad" stuff makes you run... Takes some of the fun out of eating "bad" food when you know it's gonna have you clearing the room a few hours later.


Well I don't.

Is that a bad thing?