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Eating Clean While Working at Camp


I start my job as a camp counselor this Tuesday; I'll be working from around 8 30 to 4 30 weekdays. Having to run around with 15-20 kids all day is obviously going to make eating properly much more difficult.

The camp provides lunch, which is far from what the average T-Nation reader would deem ideal. Counselors are allowed to bring their own lunch which I will most likely be doing, but that doesn't cover the rest of the day.

I was considering making a protein shake and sipping it through a nalgene, anybody have any other ideas on how I could get some proper food in me during the day?


Carry a ziplock bag of almonds around in your pocket (cargo style shorts make this easy). In your lunch cooler, pack some hard-boiled eggs for snacks at various times of the day.


Make homemade protein bars...search for recipes on here...you can carry a couple in your pocket through the day then.


Bring with you a healthy lunch with complex carbs, lean protein and some healthy fat but also pack 2 or three shakes. In the shakes you can put a variety of goodies. Peanut butter, olive oil, or other healthy fats, protein powder, and if you want carbs you can just throw some oatmeal in. I work as a lifeguard at a camp and I usually bring either the shakes or in tupperware cottage cheese mixed with protein powder and peanut butter as snacks. Mixed nuts are good too.


I too am a camp counselor and will be starting work this coming week. I usually pack a protein shake and almonds since I eat pretty strictly during the summer. Last summer I was bulking though and that made it much easier--PB and J's, deli sandwiches, etc.

The hardest part is trying to find energy in the gym at night after you have been chasing the little fuckers around in the summer sun all day long.


Can you go fishing at camp?


I'm gonna echo what everyone else is saying; get a portable protein source and add some fats/carbs depending on needs.

Protein sources:
tuna packets
protein bars


Just try to get your protein and do your best and then don't worry about it IMO.

Any hot female counselors expected? I went to a sailing/kayaking/water sports camp years ago and it was the boooomb and there were sooo many girls in bikinis


here's your solution: eat breakfast before work, bring a healthy lunch (sandwich + fruit, or whatever), then eat when you get back home. what was so hard about that?


dude its ridiculous, not many bikinis though. i just don't understand where they all were hiding during the year



i don't have much in the nutritional dept to offer. but the one time i was a camp couselor i had more sex that summer than a bunch of X'ed up rabbits.

i'm jealous.