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Eating/Chewing Implant Pellets

I can’t find it now, but do I remember correctly reading about some powerlifters eating and/or chewing the Fina pellets? Something to the effect of “They say it won’t do anything, but they’re wrong”.

I’m not really into trying it but I’m curious about it. How does that work? Did it work?

Am I crazy and dreamed this? Someone enlighten me.

I have a friend who tried that for about 4 weeks because he was too much of a pussy to inject. He was downing about 20 pellets a day and honestly other than some abdominal problems he really didn’t get too much from it. He then brewed up some tren and tried to take the oil orally. He said he actually got some results from that, but IMHO all he did was waste a lot of good tren.

Incidentally, mixing the ground up pellets with DMSO is much better than eating them, etc. But if you really want to see results you should just inject it.