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Eating Cartilage

After reading Cy’s article on glucosamine and insulin sensitivity, I went out and bought some chondroitin. When I read the ingredients, in parentheses next to chondoitin, it said “bovine cartilage.” Now, I’ve been eating cartilage for years. Yeah, I know, most people toss them out with the trach, but ever since I was a kid, I always like the unique texture when I crunched on them. The cartilage on the end of chicken bones, the triangular piece at the end of a chicken breast, the cartilaginous ribs on baby back ribs, I love em all. Would I be getting the same benefit of chondoitin by just eating cartilage? I wonder if the fact that cartilage has be well cooked to be edible changes any benefit, if any, for joints. Anyone thought about this? Cy?

Damn… I thought I had some weird eating habits :slight_smile: