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Eating Bull Testicles


After reading TCs recent article about how organ meat is nutritionally superior to muscle meat, I decided I would try some beef liver and really liked the taste... so naturally I thought I might as well try other organs and since practically all butchers in my town only sell liver and kidneys, I found a butcher online shop... which practically carries every eatable organ...

And they even had bull testicles for sale, one going für 3,40� and weighing about 200grams (pretty heavy, I guess)...

Now I am intrigued to try it... but well, you know... it seems kind of disgusting.
Has anybody here eaten gonads before (no homo) and can tell me about the taste and how best to prepare it without feeling too grossed out?

It is considered a delicacy in some cultures and Red Bull uses Taurin which originally came from Bull gonads (not anymore)


Here you go: http://bit.ly/Zb1ytD

Sorry, never tried them myself and don't plan to, but would be interested in what you think if you go ahead.


Guys were eating bulls testicles all through the late 80's early 90's in supplements. This ain't new.


No one remembers Hott Stuff?

Bull testicles were the main ingredient.


I have tried Rocky Mountain Oysters at a pub in Denver.

The bull-ball was sliced, breaded, and then fried with the end product looking a lot like really thick fried dill pickle chips.

Can't say I would ever order them sober...


"No one remembers Hott Stuff?

Bull testicles were the main ingredient."

Maybe, maybe not...Anybody back in the 80's/90's could have whipped up a laundry list of ingredients
that weren't vetted by any oversight or independent lab and claimed anything.
The same is pretty much true today in this still, unregulated industry.
I tried that hyped-up 'stuff' myself back in the Day religiously for awhile with no tangible results,
strange tasting, but passable I guess due to the sweeteners.
Even the Famed Weider Powders back then were so high in sugar I'm surprised I never went Hyperglycemic.


"Orchic" was a name used for many of the early testicle-based supplements. You'll also see the term "glandulars" thrown around too, although these can refer to different things than testicles.

Vince Gironda was one of the early promoters of bodybuilding supplements in general, and orchic shows up in a number of his diets/supplement stacks.

I don't know whether the supplements were due to a lack of chemically isolated vitamins and minerals (e.g., you couldn't just buy a Vitamin D3 capsule back then) or whether providing the nutrients in their naturally occurring states actually works better.

Other supplements from that time period: germ oils (wheat, rice, soybean -- sold as Tri-Germ Oil and as Energol), halibut oil, kelp tablets, brewers yeast, dessicated liver, alfalfa tablets... in addition to standard Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, etc. stuff that you have today.


Also, you can buy them as a supplement today.

"Ultra Glandulars Raw Orchic -- 1000 mg - 60 Tablets

60 Easy-To-Swallow Tablets

Orchic tissue is otherwise known as the testicular glands, or testes. The testes are two male sex glands which hang outside the body in a sac of skin called the scrotum."

Because when I think testes, I think "easy-to-swallow" too.


Yep, we're sure you think that "LoRez"....No problem, we celebrate diversity here.
This is so scammy anyway...no real benefits whatsoever were ever found in these ''glandulars'',
some proteins and minimal nutrients, but nothing special, 'just a waste of hard earned money
for curious young Lunks, of which we all were at time or another.


I remember Hot Stuff and the bulls balls and the raw orchic from back in the old days and common sense told me they were a scam. Not sure if it was TC's article but I thought I read somewhere that they did a study using isotopes or something and were able to track and determine that when eating organ meats they found that the particular organ you ate wound up getting concentrated in the corresponding organ in your body. Not sure what the benefits or implications of this is but still found this to be very interesting if accurate.


I would like to see that study.

Back in the day (in a galaxy far far away) they use to believe that you gained the power/soul of your enemy when you cut out his heart/liver/brain and ate it. In current time we know the body chemically digest food and then stores those chemicals in a simular fashion to many other animals.

I.E. if a bull stores taurin in it's balls and I eat the bulls balls there is a good chance my body has similar storage in my balls. It's not like my stomach is thinking, "this looks like chewed up ball, better put it with the other ball tissue." :slightly_smiling:


I may start my own line of supplements because I have an inexpensive source for yogurt:

Great supplement for the reptile industry.


I guess this could be somewhat true, as the building blocks would be the same, or at least similar... just like eating beta alanine makes it go to the muscle to build carnosine, eating liver or testicle proteins or amino acids that are used in these organs might very well make them end up there...

maybe the next time I will order some testicles (they are not that expensive... similar to chicken breast) and (hopefully :slightly_smiling: ) watch my own grow haha