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Eating Bland Foods Everyday


I am currently eating the same, bland food everyday(for enough meat and protein reasons). I'm wondering if bland and non- appetizing foods will have any negative effects on my health?

I know that healthy food doesn't have to be bland and can taste good too. But the reasons i cant variety my cooking methods to make my food nice is because 1) I have not much time, so i have to make the cooking as convenient and fast as possible in the morning. 2) i don't know much about cooking so can only use simple methods. And so, i can safely say that you wont really enjoy your food although how great the taste is if your eat it everyday.

OK, so anyway, this is not my main concern, my main concerns is that will this affect my health in any way or any hormonal stuff since i'm not enjoying my food? As humans in nature, are we supposed to enjoy our food? Because I don't mind sacrificing ''enjoying foods'' as long as it will help me progress in training.

Thanks in advance.


Do you really believe steak or chicken w/o mrs. dash is detrimental to your health? Why would putting seasioning salt or worstechiere sauce or cajun seasoning be time consuming? Instead of worrying about hormonal effects of not enjoying food, why not just make it taste good?


Throw some freaking seasoning salt on jeez.


Really? We are starting to over think that we are going to have hormonal changes eating bland food?

Some peoples kids I tell ya...


1 word: Salsa.


Worry about that shit when you're in the running for Mr Olympia.


Not 100% sure, but eating the same thing every day might cause food allergies after a while. I typically prepare an eating plan that I will follow for a few months, and then switch things up to avoid that risk. I know what you mean about not knowing many ways to prepare your food (the grill is my best friend).

What I try to do to mix things up is pick up a new seasoning every now and then, there are numerous health benefits in tumeric for example, and it doesn't taste too bad either. Sodium free Mrs. Dash or some equivalent is also great if you are worried about salt intake.


Well, lets ask the millions of people who eat what they consider enjoyable (that includes copious amounts of high-fructose soft drinks, sweets, fried mars bars etc.) and see if the hormonal affect is helping their health...

If you don't enjoy your food, buy seasoning packets or learn to cook better. Don't believe that "hormonal affects of eating bland food" is a viable excuse for eating crap.

  1. Cook your food ahead of time. Even if that means cooking all your meals for the week on a Sunday and placing them in tupperware.

  2. Learn how to cook -- i.e. practice. Buy the pre-packaged seasonings to make it easier (read the ingredients to learn how to make your own seasonings in the future) and use marinades. Lemon juice works well on steamed vegetables too.

It's really not that difficult to make your food taste better.


Oh story.

I basted my chicken breasts in 2 bottles of Corona for 1 full day along with lime juice and lemon. Well it turned out being the best chicken I've ever made. You could actually taste the Corona even after being cooked.

There OP try that on for size.


What a coincidence, I often 'baste' myself with corona while eating chicken all day long.


Jesus Christ.


I'm going to give that a try someday. Sounds killer for chicken tacos.


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In northern New England, that's "Wustuh-shy-uh sauss" :wink:

OP: Try this for some food 'spice' tips. You don't need much to spice up food, especially meat. When in doubt, though, can't go wrong with 'The Holy Trio' of condiments: Ketchup, A1 Sauce, and/or horseradish sauce.