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Eating binge

I’ve been doing Delta 1250 recently and in the middle of it (during hypercaloric phase)
I blew off my diet by going on a hog fest of probably more than 10.000 kCal per day.
I will get back on the track starting tomorrow - I am posting this to get some support
for dealing with my sense of regret. :wink: I can see in the mirror that I am bloated like
hell and completely smooth and I know it’s probably water-weight, but I have a question:
what do you think could be real fat gain during these three days if someone jumps from
3100 to 10.000 kCal? Can the body adapt in such a short time and start storing fat
effectively? I think that it could be expected that my weight will be the same as before
this hog fest in ten days or so after the homeostasis is established because the overeating period wasn’t long enough and the “jump” was rather drastic.

I have gone from 2000cals/day to 5000cals/day on occassion (not by design of course). Damn binges! I noticed that I immediately started sweating like hell at night as my metabolic furnace kicked in, but it took about 3 days before I began really storing the excess as fat. I can always tell because my entire torso (ribcage/abs) starts to feel like it’s bruised (this is the first place I store/burn fat). Every time I cross the fat burn / fat storage barrier fast enough by either binging or massive cardio I feel this type of skin sensitivity. Very strange, but it is just like clockwork. I would suspect that we are all different, so look for signs like this.

On a side note if you pinch an area on your body where there is little or no fat like your forearms and roll the skin between your fingers it will roll smoothly. Now go to a place that has very dense fat and do the same thing. It will also roll smoothly. Now go to a place where the fat is a bit thinner and less dense until you find an area (lower abs) that will NOT roll smoothly. This is where you are burning fat. As the fat breaks down it takes on a different texture and as you lean you can actually feel where the fat is being burnt from. Give it a try. You will be just as surprised as I was.