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Eating Big


I've been doing CT's OVT workout for the last 6 or 7 weeks, and today was leg day. The workout:
5X5 back squat, supersetted with lunges
5X5 1 leg back extension, supersetted with leg curls
5X5 Sumo Deadlift, supersetted with Romanian Deadlift

First off, I went from "very newb" on DL (295# max) to less newb today (335# for 2 reps)! I also maxed out squat at 275#....Not a lot but I'm happy with my progress, at this rate I'll be squatting 3,000 in no time lol!

So, I noticed that I was really tired after this workout, and I felt pretty run down, so I decided to "eat big" today. I didn't cheat, but rather ate more of what I always do...Instead of taking in ~3,500 cal, I took in closer to ~5,000 cal....Is this useful? Does eating big help recovery the day you tore up your muscles? Is it that simple?

Thanks for any feedback


Read more, post less. I think you already know the answers to these questions. If not, re-read the first sentence.

Also, most veterans here don't recommend doing OVT (I'm not counting myself as one). It was written a looong time ago. Granted, if something works today it will work ten years from now...but if you want to get strong (and big) there are much more effective ways to do it.


There's nothing so miraculous about over eating for recovery if you're usual caloric intake is 3500 and you ate 1500 calories more. Even if you slightly under ate, it doesn't mean you'd recover poorly.

So no, it's not that simple. It's not like there's some linear relation between eat more and recovering better.

I will get back at you on FB.

(Disclaimer: Not being a dick, and I think you know this by now.) Why do you feel the need to ask approval for every move you make in regards to training and diet? It's not annoying or malicious, but it shows a lack of confidence in what you're doing, and that sort of thing makes this hobby less enjoyable and people less prone to stick with things long enough to make progress.


I agree with this. See my Bodybuilding Bible thread that I made last year which ran out of space. No bodybuilder trains differently than what I outlined there; I've yet to see one.

If I wanted to get big again, I wouldn't do anything but the same old shit every big bodybuilder is doing, which is:

1) 2-4 exercises per muscle group
2) training each muscle 1 or 2 times per week
3) combo of isolation and compound exercises
4) ramping up over 3 or 4 sets to 1 or 2 all out blast sets of 6-15 reps
5) training 2 or 3 muscle groups per session

This is a lot more fun and less exhausting than stuff like OVT. However, this guy is making very good progress.


His numbers for his size and age are very good.


Yeah, I guess I over-analyze. I appreciate the advice


I started the Starting Strength program for 2 weeks but I know Im not eating enough. Im an ectomorph (skinny as hell) and I want to gain a good 20 lbs but I need a solid eating plan. Anybody help? Im 6'2 202



How about reading some of the hundreds of articles on nutrition on this site, or the thousands of articles on the net and books in stores?!


Eat a caloric surplus
Eat to match the daily macro nutrient breakdown you need
Read articles if you want more info