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Eating Big with Mag-10

I’m getting ready to start a Mag-10 cycle and I’m having trouble figuring out my meals. Does any one have suggestion on what to eat and when? I have to eat about 4100 cal’s a day, and It seems a little impossible.


Eugene OR

Phil, Not impossible, but not easy either. I’m 43 yrs. old and have to eat 4000 cals/day. I didn’t make it the first day. But since then I have made it. I find it easy to eat low fat for most meals, then get my good fats using Mixed Nuts, natural peanut butter, and Udo’s oil. Add in a no/low carb shake, if needed. The calories really add up fast with the fat meal. Good luck!

This should give you some idea of what a typical day should look like...

i know its not nice to recommend other prodcuts on this forum but i think stuff like N-Large (prolab) are helpful. when on mag 10 i kinda follow the skinny bastard diet for best results. Lotsa carbs mostly HIGH Gi (shock horror) with like 11 meals per day. thats not a typo, eleven meal, six solid five liquid. but i can sit at a desk and eat whatever and whenever, cool eh. does anyone read this? does any actually care? hmm i wonder…