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Eating Before Working Out

After i get home from work I usually get super hungry, but i don’t want to eat much because i want to go to the gym. My goal is to gain some muscle mass but mainly to loose my belly fat (love handles).

So, what could i eat before working out that will give me enough energy but also won’t interfere with loosing my belly fat?
are those energy gels (hammer nutrition) any good?

Uhm - protein/roughage… solid meal at least 1 hour in advance ~ for digestion, but not everyone is the same, I prefer a shake because food tends to come upwards because I do a lot of volume and intensity. Depends on you.

You need to look at losing bodyfat as a longterm process instead of your pre-workout meal.

It’s your eating habit from wake to sleep and the amount of LBM your adding monthly along with cardiovascular activity performed over a weekly period of time.

I think a good intense workout is more important than cutting our a few (hundred) extra calories.

I need to eat solid meals about an hour before workout or a shake with fast digesting carbs about 30 minutes prior to workout in order to have the energy I need to hit it hard.

When I go into a workout without the proper fuel I feel weak and like I cheated myself.

Worry about calories at some other point in your day.

Just MHO,

Good luck

I know for myself, whenever I’m planning on training, I count about 3-4 hours backwards, and that is when I have my last solid food meal before training. That being said, I use one full serving of Surge during the workout, and one serving after.

As long as your fueling yourself every 2-4 hours, you’ll be fine. As for what the meal before your workout should consist of, go by Berardi’s 7 rules; fruits, veggies, lean protein, some healthy fats. You’ll be good to go. Good luck man.

Eating something before your workout won’t affect your body fat at all. It’s what you eat all day that matters. Eat some chicken and rice. Your body will thank you.

am i the only one who enjoys workign out on a full stomach?

[quote]mkelly wrote:
am i the only one who enjoys workign out on a full stomach?[/quote]

No, I like it too. I always use a double serving of Surge (or a homebrew) before and after. I’ve also gone and done a squat workout after eating five Arby’s sandwhiches and I can say the deep box squat feels awesome with a good bloat on.