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Eating Before Practice

2-a-days start monday, from 2-8. we get a break from aroun 4-5 and get fed dinner.

i am wondering what kinds of foods i should eat, and how much i should have before and after practice so i will have plenty of energy.

Also if there is supps worth taking

I like Surge before and sometimes after practice. (10 minutes before)

Sometimes during as well. I vary it depending on how I feel like taking it.

Just be prepared to play along with all the comedians who give you trouble about taking a water bottle out with you.

At least you don’t need to wait for a water hose. (whos laughing now)

Let them try it when they come around to asking you. It will take awhile but eventually they will get comfortable.

I’m no expert… Ask Barr, Lowery, or JB though and see what they say.

Just what I do.

-Get Lifted

Chris Shugart did an interview with the nutritionist for an NFL team (Pittsburgh). She talked about in-season and pre-game nutrition. Good article.


I also remember a thread a while back (a year maybe) where a guy essentially blogged his experience through college football camp…he talked a lot about his nutrition and recovery efforts, what worked/what didn’t, etc. Great thread. I can’t find it though…