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Eating Before HIIT?

I know this probably gets asked a lot.
I am bulking, I do HIIT a couple times a week in the a.m. because of heat later in the day. What should I eat before the 20 minute HIIT session? I know to have a post HIIT recovery drink. A protein+fat meal, or should carbs be cosumed. I guess a better question is If I blend a shake with cottage cheese, flax seeds, and almonds and drink it down about an hour before HIIT, will that prevent muscle catabolism?

Thank you… J.P.


It depends…Are you eating breakfast before you do HIIT or are you waking up and eating right away and then doing HIIT as soon as you get up?

If you have an hour or so after breakfast then just eat whatever kind of meal corresponds with your diet. If you are doing it right after you wake up then you want something that can be very quickly digested like a small protein shake of whey/water…

Joel Marion wrote an article on this some time ago thats REALLY damn good regarding when/what to eat around training…Look for his name, it will be obvious which one it is.