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Eating Before Bed When Dieting Down


Simple question really.

When dieting down at what point should I stop eating in the evening before I head off to sleep?

Fat has been coming off somewhat slow and I'm wondering if it is connected at all to overly late feedings!


It doesn't matter if your calories are in check.


I always save at least 100 cals of my daily allotment for right before bed, even on my low carb/cal days. That way I can at least down 1 scoop of low carb Metabolic Drive (usually with a few fish oils and Mineral Support) before I crash out. The whole "don't eat after this time" is probably the worst dieting advice anyone can follow in my opinion.



There are people who get ridiculously lean while eating 50%+ of their daily calories and carbohydrates in the 6 hours before they go to bed.

There is no magic night time insulin fairy.


Yup, I agree with everybody else. Eating right before bed is no issue at all....some people even wake up in the middle of the night to eat or have a shake ready for when they wake up to take a leak



Even while cutting, some low carb, slow digesting protein is perfect. A scoop of LC MD and 1/2 oz of walnuts so the lipids slow digestion...