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Eating Before Bed on a Cut?


Just started a cut 2 weeks ago and I'm trying to figure out the perfect meal before bed. I first started out with two whole eggs and a cup of cottage cheese-11g of protein and a glass of skim milk. Sometimes i'll have two whole eggs with a lot of cheese and a glass of milk, the cheese I use is the huge bag from BJ's that has 32 servings and 9g of fat and 5g of saturated fat and 7g of protein per serving. Is that to much fat before bed?


I have been cutting for 6 weeks now, i have 300g cottage cheese and a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in. Around 40g protein, 15g good fats and less than 10g carbs, aprox 300kcals. As long as it is within your calorie allowance for the day dont worry, just get slow release protein and good fats in before bed fella.



Published two weeks ago. Read this site's articles you should.


Personally, I eat before bed. But again, I usually workout at night. However, I remove all dairy products from my diet when getting closer than 8 weeks to competition. So cottage cheese is not an option for me during the cut. My night preferences are eggs or beef (sometimes with a little salad if a workout was extremely brutal)


X2. A good source of protein and some good fat (less than 40g; more in the realm of 20g, I think) fits the bill perfectly. As for the dairy, i think if you get results on it and you like it, then keep doing it. Then, when (if) progress stalls this could be one of the thing you could change to keep moving towards your goal.


Lately I've been having
-Either 2 scoops Met Drive, OR 1 scoop + 5g BCAA powder (depending on my #s for the day)
-Mineral Support Capsules
-2 Capsules CLA (I use Flameout during the daym but CLA at night)

Feel real good when I wake up.



Appreciate the help! Problem solved!


Sorry for the hijack OP. But damn, that is a sick lookin back man. I remember reading your contest RMP.


4 whole eggs , 2 cans tuna , 5 g fish oil n ground up flax seed . i IF so this is my last/3rd meal ( at 8 pm till my pwo meal about 12 noon the next day)