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Eating Before & After HIIT


So I recently started doing HIIT and I do 10 secs of hard sprint, 30 of jog. I do this for 20-30 min and It is quite exausting but it doesn't kill me (I am still a newbie)

Anyway, what should I eat before and after HIIT? And how long before/ after?

Is it true that I should wait 60 min before I eat anything after HIIT to enhance fat burning? Will taking some whey by itself neglect the catabolic effect of HIIT?

If i am doing HIIT first thing in the morning, what are the things that I should eat and how long before? Would not eat carbs and just taking a small protein shake cause muscle breakdown?

ahhhhh there is so much conflicting information out there that I don't know where to start. Some say it is bad to take carbs after because it blunts fat burning and others say that it is a must to stop catabolism because HIIT is glycogen fueled.

My goal is to build muscle while keeping fat % low or maybe even lowering it.
5"9 (176 cm)
152 pounds (69 kgs)
13-14 % BF (I think)
17 years Old
Meso / endo.

I eat an average of 2700 cals daily on non-training days.
and 3000 on training days.

I eat high carb every day (I am a teen and still hoping to grow. LOTS)
Oh and just as a side note..

Is it too great of a radical change if I went from 2200 cals daily up to 3000? Will I gain much fat?


ayy breh whats up, I am 17 too and while I am not an expert I just eat a normal meal couple hours before training, and then after I like to have protein shake with whey, yogurt, fruit, icecubes. Following my protein shake about 1 hour later I have a small meal something pretty healthy. Hope this helps.

PS I think you should have a lot of your days calorie intake within 3 hrs after exercise.


You’re over thinking. Just watch your total calories. I honestly don’t believe you’ll be catabolic since you’re in a surplus. If you’re worried about fat which you shouldn’t be at your weight you can try cycling carbs. Or at least timing them around training.



Well, first of all, with your stats I wouldn’t recommend doing HIIT or any other kind of cardio. I’d rather focus on building muscle and strengh.
You will not get optimal results in terms of building muscle when yuo mix goals. You should focus on one goal. Your one goal should probably be building muscle.

If you build muscle and don’t gain more fat your bf% will decrease, by the way.

IF you want do keep the HIIT in your workout schedule (for the fun sake), then I would recommend:

  • don’t do it in a fasted state (not first thing in the morning). This is bull…
  • have 10-15g of BCAA and 15-20g of whey 30 minutes before you start the HIIT session
  • have another 10-15g of BCAA right after the HIIT
  • have a meal after appr. 60 minuted after the workout