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Eating Back Calories Burnt During Exercise


Can anybody direct me to some good information on whether or not you should eat back the calories you burn during exercise. Say my daily calorie goal is 2K, I burn 500 at the gym, should I eat those 500 back. Just having some debate about it at work and to be honest I would like to know. I tried to search and I go close to the answer in an old article from Berardi but not exactly.



Should? Using what metric? If your goal is maintenance, then yes, you'll need to eat enough calories during the day to offset your base of 2000 + 500 for the energy burned during exercise. Plus change for the increased metabolic rate from the exercise.

But what sort of citation are you looking for? You'll need to ask an answerable question first.


Shugart actually kinda answered this for me but for weight loss I got myself in a stupid debate at work with somebody that said to eat back your calories burned from exercise even when trying to lose weight. I try to get some kind of solid info from somebody like Shug, Berardi, Lowery that says one way or another. That's all.