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Eating at the Fair/Amusement Park?


Question for the experts here: So its summer time and you're going to the faire or amusement park for the whole day. They check your bags on the way in and dont allow any outside food or drink. What do you eat for the day?

I just had this happen over the weekend. I ate a protein bar in the parking lot before going in. Then a couple burgers, only one with the bun. But late in the day my hunger caught up to me and I had pizza. Not too bad I guess but they need a protein shake stand or maybe a grilled chicken and brown rice kiosk.


Eat before I go.

Eat burger or pizza while there. I'm not so anal to think 1-2 meals will ruin my results.


If you arent cutting, do what you want, its 1 day. If you are cutting, dont go to the fair.


When I'm out with people and not in prep mode, I just try to fill up on more protein-type foods, but then will usually have 'some' crap afterwards. Not adhering to the stricted guidelines all the time won't kill you. In fact, it's probably better overall for your phsychological health :slight_smile:



I think the most stealth food to sneak in would be the dry tuna packets(not cans) and some almonds or dried fruit. I haven't been to an amusement park in awhile but I live near Six Flags MD and recall there being a diner/restaurant that had some decent food, it'll just cost you a pretty penny.

But in general if you are there to have a good time with your family I wouldn't stress too much about one day and maybe plan ahead to benefit from some "junk".


Pickle on a stick


Every fair/amusement park I have been to has turkey legs. They are expensive, but what isn't at those places?


I looked into this too when I went to a fair a couple years ago, and read that the turkey legs are the best (though they look very unappealing to me) and you can also find one of the stands that sells Frito Pie, which is not bad but much better if you ask them to leave out the fritos and cheese and just give you the chili. Here in Ft Worth, they actually sell deep fried butter at the fair - OMG.


Apprently you can deep fry anything. Oreo's, coke. Whatever.


Fuckin funnel cake all day!


Exactly! I guess you could get some of that fruit shit on it if you want to try and make it healthy but I prefer a couple scoops of ice cream on mine.

Seriously though if you don't want to make it a cheat day bring in some protein bars, dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, ect. They usually let you bring backpacks into those places - last summer I brought a backpack full of food into an amusement park just because I am too cheap to eat all my meals there.


no shit! I live about 10 mins from there.


Deep fried oreos.

Deep fried twinkies.

Sausage and peppers


last time i went to the fair, they had Deep fried Coke, and Chicken sandwiches made with 2 Krispy Kream Doughnuts as the buns.


Having gotten over my taste for soda, that sounds terrible. But how exactly does one go about deep frying a carbonated liquid??


The oil is just soda. They call it "Deep fried Coke" tho.
[edit] Bright side bout the fair, i did get an assload of taffy =p


I generally eat what I want to eat within reason.

So I'll split a funnel cake with my wife instead of eating 3 of them myself. I'll get a burger but skip the fries.

IMO, there's no need to be extremely anal about one day unless you are a PL with a meet that week or are a professional bodybuilder with an upcoming meet.


Ive seen it as balls of dough, something like a zeppole, dunked in cola and THEN fried in oil. "The oil is just soda" doesnt make much sense lol.


Lol, I was wondering about that but didn't want to ask what that meant for fear of looking retarded for not knowing basic amusement park culinary tactics.


It's basically a coke-flavored donut, and as mentioned it's dunked in cola first......has whip cream too