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Eating at Night..

SO the search engine hasn?t worked on this site for a week so I must ask.

I am cutting (goal about 40lbs in 3 months) now I am eating 5 meals a day 3 hrs apart. I work from about 11am to about 1am 7 days a week. I am up a couple times of night so should I be doing a protein drink or not in the middle of the night??

I know I don?t want to eat real food late at night, but isn?t my body going into starvation mode whilst I sleep for 6-7 hrs??

What you guys think.


Its all about nutrient timing, you can eat at night just stay away from starchy carbs (bread/oats etc) and high sugar fruits. Have a small meal of protein and Veg/berries within an hour of sleeping.
Check out some of John Berardi’s article’s they will help you on your journey…


I think people get a little obsessive about not having any carbs during the evening.

I’ve had times in the past while dieting where I’d wake up starving and eating a carb-rich snack would be the only thing to help me get back to sleep.

Guess what, it never seemed to interfere with losing fat.