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Eating Around Cardio

Hey guys- I wanna make sure I’m eating/ supplementing right around my cardio, to make sure that I’m getting what I need to provide me with the energy to make it through and also to prevent any muscle breakdown… At the minute, I’m doing 45-minutes of pretty intense stationary cycling (sweat loads/ out of breath.) I do this in the morning, around about 1 and a half hours after I finish my breakfast (4 egg whites, scrambled with 2 yolks and a cup of oats- about 450 cals) and as I arrive at the gym I’ll eat a banana and down 20g of whey (to prevent muscle breakdown.)

Afterwards I’ll drink 500ml of a sports drink (30g carbs- 120 cals) and down a couple of hydrolysed amino acid tablets. 30 Minutes later I’ll have a high-carb, medium protein lunch (around 450 cals.) How does this routine sound? If I only had breakfast an hour and a half before cardio, do I need to eat something and take a shake beforehand? Any help is much appreciated!!

Depends. How much do you weigh and what are your gaols at this point?

Edit: Looked at your profile. 131 Lbs? Jesus. I know you’re trying, but just keep it simple! Eat big food. Lift big weight. Sleep big amount. You sure as hell don’t need to be eating egg whites and doing 45 minutes of ball busting cardio.

I wouldn’t worry about muscle breakdown. The truth is that you don’t seem to have much to breakdown in the first place.

What are your goals? get big or lean and fit?

The mistake you and many others (including myself) make is to over analyze everything, and eat TOO clean whilst trying to put on weight.

Once i stopped worrying about simple carbs and fat in general, and ate, ate and ate until i simply could eat no more… (that means eating a regular meal, go back and get cereal and whey, go back and get toast and PB, go back for another shake and flax… collapse… 2-3 hours later as soon as there is room… rinse and repeat!) and did that everyday for at least a month, THEN and only then did i go “wow… i am doing something here…”

If you are a ecto, you CAN bulk without losing your abs… but you cannot restrict at all! at all! As an ecto, you would start at 6-8%BF though and bulk upto 12% like me, which would allow you to have gained a lot of muscle and keep SOME view of he abdominals if they are blocky enough.

If you are a meso then you will get fatter with it, but it is worth it if you can “manage” that excess gain - usually with carb cutoffs and cardio (A-la DC).

As an Endo… you need to be cutting first IMO unless you really dont mind being a fat guy with nice forearms and calves…

Plus it may only last a couple of months, then maintain/maybe lose a little fat… and repeat. This has worked the best for me in the long term.

What is your pleasure…?


Great post Joe.