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Eating and Uni

trying to follow the 4700kcal scrawny to brawny book diet at the moment but I can’t see how I can fit my meals in with uni. I live about 15mins bike ride from uni so I could feasibly rush home to eat in hour gaps between lectures. Even if I prepare meals beforehand I can’t heat them up at uni. Any ideas??

My suggestion to you is to take your food with you. I don’t know what all the scrawny to brawny program requires, but I’d imagine lots of protein, veggies, etc. Beefy jerky to good to take with you all the time. You can make protein shakes using a shaker bottle, Grow! in a baggie, and a decent drinking fountain. Not too many veggies go bad if you leave them out for a reasonable amount of type.

If you really need to have some refrigeration, I suggest getting one of those cooler bags. Not a hard cooler, but is light weight cloth with a plastic insulated lining. You can use freez paks or zip lock bags full of ice cubes to keep it cool. Then you can take dairy, eggs, etc. One of these bags probably is in the ballpark of $15 - $20. The one I use for work everyday has last for the last 3 years and well worth the investment.

Eat some pre-prepared meals that taste good when cold. Been there, done that, and it is not very difficult.

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Steve Berardi.

“School Days I and II”

All about Uni tranining and Nutrition.

Have fun reading,

bro, im a uni student too, its really difficult to get all the nutrients, but there are some foods that are easy to take . Peanut butter, loads of beef jerky, add 1 tblspoon of olive oil to your shakes and you got an extra 100 calories, if youre worried about the fats then ure in trouble cause finding fat free things at uni is the most difficult thing. I suggest u to follow the anabolic diet, and get in those calories from fat and protein

got this from the Anabolic Diet crowd.

2 oz. heavy cream
1 T olive oil
2 scoops LC Grow

about 545 cal.

adjust amounts to caloric needs