Eating and Energy Supps

Hey guys, have a quick question.

I’m currently using N.O.-XPLODE before my weight training sessions. The label says to use it on an empty stomach (at least 2 hours after a solid meal, or at least 1 hour after a protein shake).

In your opinion, is it ok to wake up in the morning and not eat but take the supplement, then hit the gym, and then have my first meal or a PWO shake of the day (about 1 hour after I wake up)?

Basically, I’m wondering if not eating as soon as I get up to break my 7-8 hour fast is going to hurt my results as opposed to waking up, eating, then training?

Sorry if its a stupid quetion, but I cound’t find an anwser.

Well, what are you trying to do? Gain weight?

You are not “hurting” your results by not breaking your fast sooner and taking the N.O. Explode. But, if you are trying to get big, I personally think getting enough calories and a good breakfest is a helluva more important than sucking down supplements before your workout. That supplement is for making your workout better and more intense, it’s not going to feed your muscles with protein and such to grow. Just remember that. I would eat.

This is an opinion though.

You might also find this interesting, being a BSN customer:

You could dump the NO_Xplode becasue it’s junk and just have a protein shake with some fruit first thing (this will break the fast), warm up and go train, have your PWO (with creatine), shower, have breakfast, and continue with your day. If you want the caffeine have a cup of coffee.