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Eating and Driving


I have to admit that I do this ALL the time. Honestly, it is some kind of weird compulsion. My commute is only 15-20 minutes: Jersey highway and local roads. But I generally am eating something on my way to and from the office. I know that it is supposedly unsafe, but I think that it improves my driving etiquette.... I would flip off twice as many people per unit time if both of my hands were free!

Here is a list, by no means complete, of things that I can recall eating while I was driving recently: almonds, apples, french fries, sesame cold noodles, an omelette, a pickle, hard-boiled eggs which I peeled at 80 mph, raw kale, greek yogurt, carrots, garlic knots, a veggie burger, broccoli rabe, bagels, ice cream cone, sweet potato chips, cheddar cheese, walnuts, popcorn, dark chocolate, pepitas, Munchos, oatmeal, celery sticks, Girl Scout cookies, cacao nibs.... That's all I can think of right now.

I got to thinking about it today while I was peeling a blood orange at 75 mph. Maybe I have a problem. ??????????

So what do you eat while you're driving?


I think your kind have enough trouble not killing the rest of us that you should probably limit yourself to chewing gum while operating heavy machinery.

People who eat shit that require utensils while driving are twats.


Um I'm kinda glad I don't live in Jersey. Yikes Veggie driving. :wink:
Out of curiosity how do you cook the broccoli rabe so that it is not bitter? Or do you like the bitter?


I think the craziest thing I did while driving was change into my football uniform while hauling ass down the 110 freeway. I had an All Star Game to play in on the same day I took my SAT tests and I was cutting it way too close time wise. I put on everything but my helmet, cup, cleats, you name it.


I peeled a banana in traffic this morning and almost crashed into the car in front of me.


I drive a standard transmission, so I need my food hand to shift.

Or I can eat while steering with my knees. But only if absolutely necessary.


I used to eat wendy's like this all the time, and then run through the mcdonald's drive thru to throw away the trash so my mom wouldn't know. One hand with the honey mustard cup on the wheel and steering, the other dipping fries and moving burgers to my face.


OP in 5 years:


Idiot! Nothing funny about it when he causes an accident and some kids die. If I were to see that, I'd call 911 on his ass.


FWIW I have a pristine driving record. And I don't always speed. Traffic moves pretty fast that's all. And I drive an automatic these days. Plenty of times I eat while I'm sitting i traffic or stopped at a light. I don't think that I'm any less safe than the cell phone chatters. More safe than the texters.

There certainly is nothing funny about an accident. That is not the point of this thread anyway. I'm just curious what other folks eat in their cars. I know that I'm not the only one who does it.


You sir, can go FUCK yourself! This isn't a thread for women bashing either.

GEEZ this was supposed to be humorous and kind of a joke type of thread!


You're just rationalizing your bad behaviour by comparing it to worse behaviour.

Fact is you do not have the right to multitask while driving. I couldn't care less if you are hungry. I'm on the road. My family is on the road. Their safety comes first before your need to stuff your face.


I remember as a kid, my dad would eat a Whopper with two hands "driving" with his knee ... down the highway. I laugh now, but my wife isn't a big fan of his driving.


I saw a woman eating something with a bowl and spoon this morning. I drive a manual, and try to avoid anything more involved than drinking my beer.


lol - I saw an Asian dude eating something with chopsticks while driving.


I have to admit, I sometimes ate small things while driving but was very carefull.
Usually it was just some bread or chicken mc nuggets.
That some people eat meals which require attention and both hands while moving in their car is not funny at all.

It is dangerous for people around them.

I have never seen that in Western Europe. If you see that often, learn left food braking. Then tip the pedal just enough to flash the brake lights while still accelerating or maintaining speed (this way you can avoid the idiot carshing ino your car but still scare them).
That s dangerous too but far more entertaining.

As far as women are concerned I ve seen many stupid things they do on the road especially trying to park. I really think they are the weaker drivers.


haha, I almost hit someone the other day while updating my FB... I like to check in to the freeway when I'm driving.


It's always the right thread for women drivers.

As for the actual topic, there's only 2 things worth eating while driving: beef jerky and vag.


I know a bunch of CRAP male drivers. I know some good safe women drivers. On the other hand my guess would be that there is truth to the stereotype.

  1. The stereotype is pretty strong so given the choice authority figures like parents are giving the keys to males more often than females (driving age brother rather than sister). If I'm in group of couples driving somewhere the male usually drives. They get less practice and internalize the lack of confidence both resulting in poorer performance.

  2. Either genetic or socially conditioned need to be social. I see women in cars just yakking it up on cell phones. Big smiles, animated gestures, laughing. When I'm on my bike and I see this kind of thing coming at a stop sign I'm trying to cross at, I just let them go. 90% of the time the don't see me till they pass me, at which point they furrow their brows at me for a nano-second and go right back to gabbing.

I see this more with women but I have seen it a handful of times with men.

One time I ate a chicago style pizze with a knife and fork in my car. I was parked. I hate other drivers.


Not funny at all!

If some fucker crashed into me, my wife and my kids while they were eating, on the phone, twittering, FBing whatever' I would fucking kill them...

It's not just your life you are putting at risk, its also the lives of other people!

People just dont get that???