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Eating All The Time!

For the last month I have found myself craving food almost all day long, even upon waking I’m unusually hungry. I find it’s usually something like nuts or peanut butter (natural) that I really want.
I’m 27 years old, a personal trainer/fitness instructor and soldier in the National Guard, so my activity level is very high but not any higher than it has been in the last few years.
Diet is low carb, high protein and fat. Close to Paleo but not strictly.
Normal caloric intake is around 3,000; not certain what it’s actually been lately. It’s not that I’m geniunely hungry but food is constantly on my mind and I really feel like I need to eat, which is not normal for me.
Oh yeah, and I AM gaining bodyfat as a result!

13% BF
Anyone out there have a similar experience? Any advice?

If it’s an all-day, unrelenting hunger, it may have something to do with a sudden loss of insulin sensitivity.

Off the top of my head, the only thing that can trigger that is getting or getting off a stimulant or suddenly and drastically increasing your carb intake.

The cravings could be due to real hunger. Or just, whatever causes cravings.

A modest amount of carbs might help. Try fruit if you want to keep it paleo-ey.

Just drink more caffeine or start chewin tobbacco

[quote]JunkyardDog wrote:
Just drink more caffeine or start chewin tobbacco[/quote]

Funny you should suggest that, I’d actually considered both as caffeine and tobacco have both been habits of mine in the past and I know how much they can help. Appreciate the feedback guys.