Eating ALL Calories Right Before Bed


I have a question. I have kind of weird lifestyle. For breakfast (8 a.m) i am eating only like 100-200kcal and the rest of my calories (2100kcal) i am eating at 11-12 p.m right before bed (so i am not eating for like 10-12hours). I am eating almost everything at once. Including 200g of protein with maybe 1-2h break between protein shakes and meals, but yeah i am eating almost everything at once 1-3h before bed almost every single day. BUT i am hitting all my macros and calories pefectly. I just do that very late at night. I should add that i am on a cut and i am also training properly. Could this kind of eating lead to muscle loss or anything like that?


Not great but not terrible lol

I would not do something like this by choice.

Even with intermittent fasting nutrients are spread out to some degree and a massive meal before bed will affect sleep quality which is bad for gains and cuts in all kinds of ways. Nutrient timing might only make a small difference at the end of the day but if you are able it might be worth taking advantage of.


when do you train?